Saturday, October 17, 2015

End of First Quarter

Well, it's the end of the first quarter of school, and I'm beginning my second round of antibiotics this school year. I've felt much worse before starting antis in the past, but with my upcoming doctor's appointment, include a full PFT work up, I figured I'd nip whatever's brewing in there, even if it's just a small infection. It's going around our house right now - all three of us are having chest issues, sinus issues or a combination of both, so better safe than sorry. Nothing a little Cipro and Cayston can't beat.

In other news, I am loving my job this year!! Not that I haven't before, but last year's class was rough (and 5). This year I'm in a different grade level with a bunch of fun kids I've known for a few years, so it's made things very enjoyable despite all of the curriculum changes from the district. I'm very glad to be 'stuck' in this grade level now. :-)

And of course, a little blurb about our crazy little toddler. Yes, you read that correctly, she's practically a full-blown toddler now from talking, to tantrums, to getting into everything, and being so, so silly! I really can't complain when I say tantrums I just mean a five second whine/cry (with the occasional stomping) until she's distracted by something else. Anna's so busy these days trying to figure out how everything works and trying to climb on any surface impossible. We've been so busy and have been too much fun to update the blog. :)