Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Toddler Talk

Someone discovered Oreos dipped in milk!
I love listening to your ever-expanding vocabulary and your own versions of words. I feel if I don't write them down now, I'll forget them!
  • You now call Archie Erchie
  • You said your first "sentence" the other day: Ozzie at home. Who knew adding a simple little word ''at'' would make me so proud!
  • You're getting better with putting words together with less pauses in between - your speech is getting more fluent
  • You call Liam, Miam, which has come a long way from the previous version bee-but
  • You can say ball, bubbles, baby as clear as day, but you still say gook for book
  • You know many of your body parts, including your nina, and pointed to Daddy in that area, assuming he had one too, haha!
  • You've started requesting songs to sing including itsy-pider, row-row, and toh-toh box (Turtle in a Box)
  • You call monkeys okies
  • One of my recent favorites are nope and yep!
  • Peanut butter is peter butter
  • When we're going to brush your teeth, you just put them together and call it beef
  • You wanted to help with the dishes the other night, so you needed your stool moved. I was trying to get you to say, help me please, or stool please. Instead, you said move it right here. Haha!
My two favorite people in the whole world!
Other little tid-bits I don't want to forget:
  • You know capital letters A, N, and O. You can spell your name on your door :-)
  • You're starting to learn your colors and always request a "blue one" when it comes to anything, so you wear your blue bow or pony a lot, and you have a blue Easter dress. When you don't know the color of something, you usually guess that it's green. But you're picking up on them quickly. You knew red, yellow, purple and green yesterday without help. :) 
  • You finally broke the 20lb mark! At your 18 month appointment, you were 19lbs 8oz (and sick) which worried the doctor a little bit. We took you for a weight check (one month later) and you were 20lbs 11oz! That's my girl!
  • You love to help with the dishes, it's become your chore to help empty the dishwasher. It started with just throwing the silverware into the drawer, now you use your stool and sort the butter knives, spoons and forks. You also love taking out the plates and pretty much anything on the bottom rack. You get frustrated because you can't reach the top rack yet.
You're growing and learning so fast! This summer is going to be so fun!!!