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This page shows my health stats from my CF clinic appointments. This site gives you a little more information on what these numbers mean. Click on the date of the clinic visit to read a more in-depth blog about how the visit went.

September 21, 2017
Height: 63.5"  Weight: 139.2lbs
FVC: 2.93 - 79%
FEV1: 2.52 - 85%
Didn't get a copy of my PFTs again, but I know that my small airway number was a little better than last time, hanging somewhere in the mid/high 70s. Lungs sound clear and are holding up well with this pregnancy so far. I felt good going into my appointment today and my numbers reflect how I'm feeling, so I can't ask for much more than that. :)

June 22, 2017
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 135.2lbs
FVC: 3.05L - 82%
FEV1: 2.56L - 86%
Didn't get a copy of my PFTs, so I don't have my small airway number until it comes up online. Pretty uneventful visit, in a good way. Weight and lung function are stable. Need to start exercising consistently. I seriously could not love my doctor any more! :)

April 13, 2017
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 132.7lbs
FVC: 2.96L - 80%
FEV1: 2.54L - 85%
FEF 25-75% (L/sec): 2.60 - 74%
Finishing up a two-week round of Cipro, but still not feeling completely clear yet, so I'm going to extend it another few days. I'm also going to start Cayston as soon as I can which is a bit early, but should help get that lingering junk out of my lungs. Overall, a good visit.

January 26th, 2017
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 138lbs
FVC: 2.74L - 73%
FEV1: 2.40L - 80%
FEF 25-75% (L/sec): 2.10 - 60%
Just getting over two days of a fever; slight increased cough. Still wasn't feeling the best at this appointment and I also had to do 5 PFTs because it kept malfunctioning. PFTs not too bad despite bad conditions and being pregnant with twins.

November 10, 2016
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 134.9lbs
FVC: 2.93L - 78%
FEV1: 2.56L - 86%
FEF 25-75% (L/sec): 3.10 - 88% (small airways are still looking good despite the cold)
Increase treatments to help kick the cold. Thankful that my weight is up and my lung function has increased. I'd love to see it back into the 90s, but we'll get there little by little. Sucks how quickly it can go away and how long it takes to get those little points back.

August 11, 2016
Height: 63.5"  Weight: 132.4lbs (big gain)
FEV1: 81%
FEF 25-75% (L/sec) - small airways:
HUGE dip in my lung function - 11%, although I don't really feel it. Lots of raw feelings in the blog - click on the date above for details.

April 28, 2016
Height:63.5"   Weight:124.5lbs
FVC: 3.11L - 83%
FEV1: 2.74L - 92%!!!!
FEF 25-75% (L/sec): 3.40 - 97%!
I honestly think the last time my FEV1 was in the 90s was in my childhood (I know it was 70s in high school). Not changing a thing!! Well, except maybe to try to exercise more because I know that could make these numbers go even higher!!! Feeling wonderful and so thankful!

January 28, 2016
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 124.1 lbs
FVC: 2.97L -
FEV1: 2.67L - 88%
I didn't get a copy of my PFTs, so I'm not sure on all of the information. No changes to meds - keep doing what I'm doing :)

October 21, 2015
Height: 63.5"  Weight: 127.7lbs
FVC: 3.04L - 80%
FEV1: 2.71L - 89%
FEF 25-75% L/sec: 3.11L - 87%
Changes in meds/treatments: Finish Cipro cycle and 3 more weeks of Cayston. Amazing stats for being in the middle of an infection. Weight is up a lot, which is a physical adjustment for me, but good for my health.

July 31, 2015
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 121.0 lbs
FVC: 3.03L - 79%
FEV1: 2.66L - 87%
FEF 25-75% L/sec: 2.72L - 76%
Changes in meds/treatments: Nothing - keep doing what I'm doing :) Oh, I have been taking supplemental vitamin K Mon/Wed/Fri which has helped keep the hemoptysis away, so I'll be continuing that routine.

May 28, 2015
Height: 63.5"  Weight: 116.6lbs
FVC: 3.04L - 80%
FEV1: 2.62L - 85%
FEF 25%-75% L/sec: 2.73L - 76%
Changes in meds/treatments: Not much -- keep normal routine. Not adding Tobi this month because I'm still breastfeeding and it's not necessary. Keep an eye on the hemoptysis & hope that it stays away. :)

April 23, 2015
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 119.0lbs
FVC: 2.99L - 78%
FEV1: 2.56L - 83%
FEF 25%-75% L/sec: 2.68L - 75%
Changes in meds/treatments: Feeling very junky over the last month or so. We're extending cipro for another week, upping dulera, adding Nasonex, and starting Cayston ASAP to attack it from all angles to get these lungs back in shape!

January 21, 2015
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 118.6lbs (yay!)
FVC: 3.09L - 81%
FEV1: 2.70L - 88% (yay!!)
FEF 25%-75% L/sec: 3.12L - 87%
Changes in meds/treatments: None - continue exercising and staying compliant with my treatments.

September 25, 2014
Height: 63.5"  Weight: 114 lbs
FVC: 2.98L - 78%
FEV1: 2.61L - 85%
FEF 25-75% L/sec: 2.78L - 78%
Changes in meds/treatments: Taking a break from Tobi for a while and just doing Cayston every other month. Also start taking a CF multivitamin.

July 18, 2014
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 127.5lbs
FVC: 2.87L - 74%
FEV1: 2.56L - 83%
FEF 25-75% L/sec: 3.32L - 92%
Changes in meds/treatments: 36 weeks pregnant & I'm thinking Baby Girl has dropped which has helped get me back to my pre-pregnancy baseline, combined with starting Cayston! Continue the rest of my Cayston cycle & add Ensure daily to try to increase weight.

June 6, 2014
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 131lbs
FVC: 2.66L - 71%
FEV1: 2.25L - 70%
FEF 25%-75% L/sec: 2.52L -70%
Changes in meds/treatments: I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, so I'm limited on lung space. To maintain the lung function I have, I'll be starting my next round of Tobi as soon as its delivered. Other than that, I'll be returning to CF clinic in a month to make sure everything's still going well.

February 27, 2014
Height: 63.5''   Weight: 117lbs
FVC: 2.54L - 66%
FEV1: 2.13L - 69%
FEF 25-75% L/sec: 2.59L - 72%
Changes in meds/treatments: Start Kalydeco back up (I've been off since December 27th)! Do a month of Tobi whenever it gets shipped. Add Nasonex to my twice daily sinus rinses to help clear out my sinuses. Add at least one snack a day to help gain weight throughout the pregnancy. They want me to gain around a pound a week, ha, I'll try my best!

October 24, 2013
Height: 63.5"    Weight: 114.8 lbs :)
FVC: 2.82L - 73%
FEV1: 2.54L - 82%
FEF 25-75% L/sec (small airways): 3.26L - 90%!!!!    UP from July when it was 2.59L - 72%
Changes in meds/treatments: Doctor & nurse say to keep everything the same because they want to see what Kalydeco can keep doing for me. I'd like to increase my exercise just to be more fit, feel better, and try to raise my lung function even more.

*Started Kalydeco on August 30, 2013*

July 11, 2013
Height: 63.5''    Weight: 108.5 lbs
FVC: 2.79L - 72%
FEV1: 2.37L - 77%
Change in meds/treatments: Keep doing what I'm doing because even though it's not showing in my numbers I'm feeling great.

April 25, 2013
Height: 63.5''    Weight: 109 lbs
FVC: 2.80L - 72%
FEV1: 2.44 - 78%
Changes in meds/treatments: Cut back on Calcuim + D vitamin, add a probiotic daily to see if that'll help with  my lack of weight gain, increase exercise, and continue consuming around 3,000 calories a day.

January 24, 2013
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 109.4lbs
FVC: 3.21L - 83%
FEV1: 2.75 - 88%
Changes in meds/treatments: Since I'm still losing weight, we decided to change up my enzymes. Soon here I'll be starting Zenpep to see if that'll help with my recent absorption issues. I'm going to continue sticking with all of my treatments and I'd like to start running again in the spring. I'm going to keep strength/resistance training over the winter to help me gain some muscle weight - it's not healthy to gain 10lbs of fat. I'm also going to keep testing my blood sugars and keeping a food diary to get more familiar with my body and how my sugars respond to what I'm eating. I am still pre-diabetic, so no insulin for me!

June 28, 2012
Height: 63.5''   Weight: 115.1lbs
FVC: 2.97L - 76%
FEV1: 2.68 - 85%
Changes in meds/treatments: Looking at my history, this seems to be my baseline for my lung functions - it's been hard for me to get past these mid-80s. Keep running/exercising to get out as much mucus as possible. Add more calories to my diet to try to increase weight by a few pounds.

March 8, 2012
Height: 63.5"   Weight: 117.75lbs
FVC: 3.15L - 81%
FEV1: 2.64L - 84%
Changes in meds/treatments: Had a great discussion about Kalydeco, but I'm not starting it yet. Keeping it on the back burner for now. Currently my doctor thinks my body is fighting something due to a slight temp., lower PFTs and a little weight loss, so I'm increasing my treatments for about ten days to hope that it will pass without having to go on antibiotics.

December 22, 2011
Height: 63.5"    Weight: 122.6lbs
FVC: 2.94L - 76%
FEV1: 2.77L - 88% (best!)
Changes in meds/treatments: Keeping everything the same since it's working so well!

August 25, 2011
Height: 63.5''    Weight: 122lbs
FVC: 2.97L - 76%
FEV1: 2.70L - 86%
Changes in meds/treatments: Stay on Advair, it made a huge difference in my small airways! Everything else is the same; keep exercising.

April 28, 2011 (just getting over a chest cold, finishing up Cipro)
Height: 63.5''     Weight: 122lbs
FVC: 2.98L - 76%
FEV1: 2.61L - 82%
Changes in meds/treatments: Finish up Cipro. Start Advair (2 puffs/daily) to see if it clears out small airways

December 9, 2010
Height: 63.5''      Weight: 126lbs
FVC: 4.43L - 113%
FEV1: 2.72L - 86%
Changes in meds/treatments: Start taking prenatal vitamin, just in case.

August 12, 2010
Height: 63.5''      Weight: 121.7lbs
FVC: 4.48L - 114% (UP from last visit which was 2.77 - 70%)
FEV1: 2.70L - 85% (UP from last visit which was 2.49 - 78%)
Changes in meds/treatments: None

Chest CT Scan from February 22, 2010
Looking at it, the right side of my chest is on the left side of the picture, and vice versa. 

The results: Multiple areas of bronchiectasis, consistent with CF, most severe in the 
superior segment of the right lower lobe. 

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  1. Can you include rationale for any changes in your treatments?