Monday, November 9, 2015


Growing up with a mom with CF, Anna doesn't think twice about me doing my treatments throughout the day, or when we go somewhere for the weekend, and I love that. Sure, one day she'll realize that not all moms do a Vest or many nebulizers a day, and she'll have questions and may even be embarrassed, but I am prepared to be open and honest with her. But for right now, I am going to cherish her sweet innocence, and company, while I do my treatments every day (even if she does get in the garbage or throw my medicine vials all over the floor).

Anytime Anna is home or awake when I'm doing my treatments, she always has to come check in with me.

It may be for a quick minute to read a book next to me or what silly stuff she's up to:

It may be to climb on anything and everything in our hodgepodge office:

Or it may be to sit, shake or do medicine with me:

She was saying "ahhh" listening to her voice vibrate

Mommy always has the better medicine ;)

Even when she's playing, I know she's watching me because as soon as I'm done, she'll want to get in my chair and do what mommy's doing.

Just taking a little puff of Dulera

Anna pointed to the chair and said "up". When I sat her in the chair,
she tried to pull the Vest onto herself. After getting it on, she grabbed my
Cayston neb and put it in her mouth so proudly :)
Having a CF mom isn't always going to be easy, but I hope that in her seeing me do my treatments day in and day out it'll teaching her determination, respect for her body, and to see how much I will do to keep myself healthy to be the best mom for her.

15 Months Old

Yesterday you turned 15 months old! In some ways that seems so young compared to what you can do because you act so "old" to me. I have to remind myself you're slowly transitioning into a toddler still.

One word to describe you, that we call you all the time is silly! You make us laugh everyday! There is hardly ever a day where you are crabby. You're always so happy, giggling and smiling. :) I hope you never lose your sense of humor and your constant joy.

Here's where you get some of your silly from - Daddy!
The amount you have changed from your first birthday is incredible (although you're probably similar in size!). Your vocabulary has grown exponentially from simple sounds to over 30 words and just recently two words put together like "eat" then "banana". You're starting to say more names including Cole, "Ees" for Aunt Elise and mam-aw for Grandma refuse to say Liam. Anytime we ask you to repeat Liam, you just say "Co" instead. :)

You with "mam-aw"
 You are walking, and trying to run, all over the place and you climb on everything! You're usually great at climbing up, but the getting down part hasn't come as easy yet. You've learned how to turn your noisy toys off and on, you love to chase the cats (and get in slap fights with Archie), and you spell your name on your door and above your crib before you go to bed each night - right now it's just A-a-a-a...

My two favorite people!
You're a pretty independent and confident little girl when you warm up at new places, and especially when we got to Baby Talk times. You love kids and have started referring to all other children as "baby".

We are so lucky and thankful to have such a sweet little girl to call our daughter! We love you so much!!
~Mommy & Daddy