Thursday, January 18, 2018

34 & 35 Weeks

Thursday, January 4 - 34 weeks
You're keeping me on my toes, little one! Last night I was having several contractions - but I don't think these were quite the real deal as they were more up high and not down low or super painful. I probably had about 8-10 over the course of two or three hours. I made sure to sit, take it easy and try to drink more. I didn't notice any overnight while I was sleeping, but I've had a few again this morning. It's been hard to tell, this morning, if it's your positioning or if they're Braxton Hicks, so I'm going to try to stay hydrated today.

Today was supposed to be our first day back with students after winter break, but we're off for a "cold day" because the wind chills are expected to get around -20 degrees today. Anna and I are enjoying another day off together and will be heading to my MFM appointment this afternoon. I'll be sure to tell them about the contractions (or whatever they are) I've been having over the last 12ish hours. I don't think it means you're coming just yet, but it sure is getting me excited for that day! It's exciting to finally be at the point in my pregnancy where delivery (although still considered premature) would result in a tiny, but healthy little baby.

Daddy has been amazing and working on your room a lot lately! All that's left is hanging your new blinds, painting the baseboards, finishing your rocking chair and assembling the crib! Then I can organize, wash and put things away!!! Your room is so cute! I love walking past it because it is finally starting to look like a little boy's room. I love the colors so far and I can't wait until everything is finally together.

Update after appointment: Our appointment went well today. You are head down and booty up, and look completely squished. You were moving well, practicing your breathing and still have a good amount of fluid.

Your big toe is in your eye! About a minute before this, your big toe was in the other eye. 
I asked the tech if I could speak to the doctor before I left because I wanted to talk about the contractions from last night. She didn't seem too concerned and said it's to be expected at this point in pregnancy, especially because it's my second pregnancy. She said I'm likely going to feel them more and as long as I don't have them regularly for an hour, I should be good to go. She offered to check my cervix and told me that it's still closed, it's starting to thin out and it's still intact, so nothing to worry about there. As always, if things change, she told me not to hesitate to come in, but there was no cause for concern today.

Sunday, January 7 - 34w, 3d
We had a nice visit with Chris and Sammi this weekend before all of the school and Masters craziness sets in next week. After they left, Daddy assembled your crib and I did two loads of your laundry!! I have been dying to get things out of your closet and organized, and today I was able to make a dent in that - it was so nice! Anna and I also assembled your pack n play, so that's in the living room ready to go. All of your newborn clothes are washed and put away (although I'm sure I'll rearrange them a million times before you're here). Your crib has a nice new, clean sheet, your cranky blankie and two little sock monkey stuffed animals in it. Daddy still needs to put one more coat of sealer (maybe?) on your dresser, so that's not 100% ready yet, but it looks really good! Your rocking chair needs a cushion and we have some things to hang on the wall. Your room finally looks like a baby room and I'm so excited.  We also need to install your car seat in the car and I'd like to pack our hospital bags soon - hopefully this week.
It's still extremely surreal that you'll be here so soon. It's exciting to think about, to see your stuff out and to organize all of your clothes, but I still don't think the reality of it has hit me completely. It's like it's too good to be true that you'll be a part of our family within the next month.

Saturday, January 13 - 35w, 2d
We're just about a month away from your due date and things are finally starting to get ready around the house! Daddy finished the last coat of sealer on your dresser today. We bought some 3M things to hang up the map in your room. I packed your diaper bag for the hospital and started packing my own bag. I'm hoping I can convince Daddy to install your car seat in my car tomorrow. I also purchased a second base for Daddy's car today, should be here by Tuesday. Now if only we can settle on a name for you!!

Monday, January 15 - 35w, 4d
ONE MONTH away from your due date!
I was supposed to have a non-stress test on the labor & delivery floor this afternoon, but decided to cancel it due to the snow, wind and cold temperatures. I really didn't want to drive in that, especially having to bring Anna along. I figured since Brother's moving really well and I haven't had any issues, skipping one NST wouldn't be a big deal. The lady on the phone from the hospital was really nice about it and understanding. While I was on the phone, I decided I better pre-register at the hospital for birth. This should cut down on the paperwork and information I have to give whenever we do finally go to the hospital when I'm in labor.
Daddy also hung a couple things in your room today and finished your dresser. Now I can put your clothes where I want them and start pulling more stuff out of your closet. Your hospital bag is packed and mine is in progress. All that's really left is installing the car seat. :)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Donor's Choose

This year, I've decided to begin my Master's degree. An amazing opportunity came up last spring that allowed me to attend professional development all summer and for the next school year on incorporating Engineering, Math and Science into my curriculum. Through this grant project, I am also able to receive college credits towards my Master's degree, so along with three of my co-workers, I'm on track to have that finished in the Spring of 2019.

This summer I spent over 80 hours working with my colleagues to develop Engineering Learning Cycles for my students. So far, I have an entire unit on Force and Motion that allows students to create and arrange their own playground to consider predicting future motion and avoiding student collisions. I also have an entire unit on Weather, Climate and Hazardous weather where students will build a house, following certain constraints, to withstand wind (simulating hazardous weather).

I've completed the Force and Motion learning cycle with both my class and my partners' class so far this year. Both classes loved it and grasped the science concepts, while doing a Tug of War, exploring playground equipment, and building their very own playground out of Legos.

Anyway, I've been having a really fun year with my students and I know that they're ready to do more projects like these. Unfortunately, with teaching, my Masters, raising a family and a newborn on the way, another 80 hours of my own time to create more of these units seems unattainable right now. Thankfully, I was able to attend the National Science Teacher Association Conference in November and learned of a book for teachers that already has several lessons like these created! I fell in love with this book after attending an hour session about it and immediately went to purchase it from the bookstore at the conference.

It's called Picture Perfect STEM Lessons for grades 3-5. It incorporates all subjects (math, science, reading, writing and social studies) into units that fit our grade level standards. It starts by introducing the topics through picture books for the students. It has lessons, activities and projects all mapped out
for teachers. The only problem is....I need the picture books. My school district does not pay for materials like these for teachers. This is something I'd have to buy out of pocket - over $300 in pictures books for my students.

This is where I'm asking for help, which is hard for me to do. I've filled out a project on Donor's Choose (a website that helps teachers get their projects funded by donations). This week only, Donor's Choose will match any donation up to $50 towards my project. I would LOVE for this project to get funded so I can better the learning environment for my students. They loved Science this last semester and have been begging to do more. I would love to incorporate this learning style throughout my day, not just in Science. If you click on the link above (or here), it'll take you to my project information on Donor's Choose. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! You're welcome to share my link with anyone who would like to help out a public school teacher looking to get more resources for her classroom.

Thank you so much for always being awesome readers!!! :-)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

32 & 33 Weeks

First day of winter break, woke up early with
Daddy so he could get my picture before leaving for work
Thursday, December 21 - 32 weeks
Not too much to report today, other than that shirt barely fits me anymore! Anna had her first dentist visit today and was a total rockstar! No tears and she did everything they asked her to, some of it even with a smile on her face. :) After the dentist, we went to the bank, the library and then out to lunch together.
This afternoon, she took a nice, long nap while I relaxed on the couch. You had the hiccups (again - you get them at least once a day!) and were rolling around quite a bit. I think I had several Braxton Hicks again, but sometimes it's hard to tell if that's what it is, or if it's just you laying/pushing in a weird position. I'm glad I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so they can check you and your growth. I'm going to the local clinic since my regular MFM team isn't in the office on Fridays. I'm curious about what they'll say about everything. I'm on to weekly appointments right now, and starting in January, I'll be going twice a week. As much as it's going to suck driving there and back two times a week, it'll be nice and reassuring to have you monitored so often. Some days I feel like you're due date is so far away, but then other days (like today with the Braxton Hicks) I worry that you're going to come early.

Friday, December 22 - 32w, 1d
Good appointment today, Brother. :) Four weeks ago you were measuring small/normal in the 16th percentile. Today, you were measuring in the 37th percentile! You're weight was estimated to be about 4lbs 3oz - up almost two pounds from four weeks ago. I'm so proud of how well you're growing! No wonder I'm starting to feel huge and uncomfortable. I know that ultrasounds aren't always the most accurate, but it's reassuring to see you growing so well.

Tuesday, December 26 - 32w, 5d
We've made it through Christmas and I am so ready for you to be here! My plan for today is to get all of Anna's new toys put away so we can start taking down the Christmas decorations. I feel like it's Baby Crunch Time and finally time to focus on getting your room finished. Daddy has to put up the moulding, finish your rocking chair, put up your shelves, assemble your crib...and then I think we can finally start organizing your room. I can't wait to get in your closet and pull everything out. I've been itching to organize for months, and now that Christmas is over, there's nothing else in the way.

Thursday, December 28 - 33 weeks
One more week of winter break. Christmas decorations and toys are all put away. Daddy started working on the crown and moulding in your rom. He also started reorganizing the basement a bit so he can put all of the extra stuff from your room into the basement. Slow and steady....we're getting there.

The last few days I've been really concerned about catching the flu when I go back to school. I've seen so many people posting on FB about catching the flu and how they've never felt worse - it makes me nervous to go back to school. I'm worried that I'll catch it and need to take several days off work and possibly end up in the hospital. I can't really afford to get sick right now, plus I barely have enough sick days available for maternity leave, let alone sick time before you arrive. Yesterday, Anna and I had to run a bunch of errands, and I ended up wearing my mask in all of the stores because I was afraid to catch someone else's germs. I wish I could quarantine myself for the rest of your pregnancy to make sure that both of us remain healthy! I'm going to ask the doctor today if I can have some TamiFlu to keep on hand in case I start feeling crumby over the next few weeks.

Saturday, December 30 - 33w, 2d
Your appointment on Thursday went well. You were moving, practicing your breathing and had a good level of fluid. Every week from here on out, they'll be checking those things through an ultrasound until you're born. I'll also be getting weekly non-stress tests, where they'll monitor your movements, heart rate and if I'm having any contractions and how you react to them. My first one is on Monday. You'll be measured in another two or three weeks, but at the rate you're growing, I'm guessing you're going to be bigger than Anna was when she was born.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Wow, what a year! Just when I think things can't possibly be tougher than the year before, I am proven wrong.

We began this year excited for and anticipating the arrival of our twin little boys. We just purchased a larger vehicle to accommodate three car seats and slowly started discussing nursery plans. Unfortunately, this opportunity was ripped away from us in the early morning hours of February 5th, when little Baby A decided to make his arrival (and Baby B just a couple hours later) at just 19 weeks and 4 days. It was absolutely one of the hardest things I have ever been through, truly awful. But we very thankfully had wonderful family, friends, and work-family supporting us and are able to look back on our little guys, now 10 months later and remember their sweet little faces. Some days/moments have been harder than others, but I think that Tim and I are healing well.

This tragedy was not going to stop us from expanding our family, in March we continued the discussion with our fertility doctor about trying to get get pregnant again, this time making sure there was just one little baby when the time came. At the same time, I was learning how to cope and deal with my mixed emotions about losing two babies in such a tragic way.

April was a very memorable month for me because my sister-in-law, Katrina, and I decided to get tattoos to remember the children we've lost. I still am so grateful to have my boys' little footprints on me every single day. It reminds me what we've been through and what I'm so lucky to have now.

May was filled with fertility treatments, shots, appointments and ended with our first IVF transfer and four frozen embryos. It was an emotional month because I was also wrapping up a school year with several coworkers who would not be returning the following year.

In June we found out our IVF was successful, and the worry set in immediately. I was terrified of losing the baby again; I was afraid to get attached to the pregnancy only to see if fail; each doctor appointment was more stressful than the one before as I anticipated bad news each time.

In July, I was grateful to see my pregnancy progress normally and was so anxious to spill the beans! Anna and I spent lots of time together, doing fun things and soaking up the joys of summer.

August brought mixed emotions and back to the grind of busy schedules - six months since delivering the twins, Anna turned three, we shared the news of our Rainbow Baby & a new baby cousin due only weeks apart, Anna started preschool, we found out Rainbow Baby is a BOY, and I started my Master's.

In September, the MFM team began to monitor my cervix to make sure it was staying strong (no issues, thank goodness!) and I began my appointments every two weeks. We also went on our annual family camping trip which was really warm this year, but as always, so much fun!

October was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. Tim, Anna, Katrina, Isaac and I attended the SHARE Walk in Missouri to remember our boys. Their support has meant the world to me this year! To end the month, I started insulin and was officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

November was fairly uneventful. I was super busy keeping up with teaching and Master's homework, but also had the opportunity to attend a National Science Teacher Conference in Milwaukee with a few of my awesome coworkers. We Daddy also got started on Brother's room!

December was busy with end of the semester projects and homework, but it was worth it because I passed both classes with an A! We continued to make some progress on Brother's room in between all of our family Christmases.

This is a year that we will never forget. Tim & I's lives were forever changed this year after losing two of our children. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful, supportive husband who helped get me through this awful time. I'm also super thankful to be ending this year on a positive note. Brother is now 33+5 weeks along and developing beautifully. Anna is thriving in school, growing and maturing right before our eyes. We are very lucky! I hope that our biggest challenge this upcoming year is raising two kids while working full time and while I continue my Master's -- that sounds like enough for me! Every year for the last four years, I've had to report the death of a loved one on my annual review, and I'm hoping that this year will bring health and happiness to all of those around us!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Christmas with a three year old has been pretty fun this year! This is the first year that Anna's really been interested in specific things and has talked about Santa coming. All season she's been very cautious about seeing Santa and him coming into our house. She decided she wanted to visit him at his house in our down town area. She was all excited until her turn was next... she was very shy, quickly ran to get his candy cane and ran back to Tim and I. She refused to sit on his lap and made me hold her to get a picture next to him. But... it was improvement from two years ago - no tears. :)

Our family has been very lucky to celebrate Christmas several times over the last couple of weeks, with lots of family and friends. Anna was gifted with lots of fun toys from family and Santa. Daddy and I got her a new twin bed, rug and shelving unit for her "big girl room". With all the focus on Brother lately it was nice to spoil her a bit over the last few weeks.

Christmas looks a lot different this year than I expected it to at the beginning of the year. I thought we'd be celebrating the twins' first Christmas with two little wiggly six month olds, but instead, we hung their stockings to remember them. Although there's still sadness of them not joining us, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Brother in less than two months! We have lots to be thankful for this year, despite the challenges we've been faced with.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

30 & 31 Weeks

Thursday, December 7th - 30 weeks
Something about getting to 30 weeks today really gets me excited and feels like an accomplishment. It's like we're in the home stretch! The longer you're in there, the less nervous I get about you being born early. I know that nothing is guaranteed, but I feel like as each week passes, your chance of survival just increases that much more.

Your movements have been getting so much more interesting. You're still sitting pretty low, but because you're getting bigger and running out of room, your movements are a lot more noticeable from the outside, especially when I'm reclining or laying. It's so fun to watch you jerk around and guess what we're seeing - a head, your back, legs, arms?! Sometimes it feels like you're doing the worm! You've had some really strong kicks/punches lately which always catch me off guard! But this is absolutely my favorite part about being pregnant. I love feeling you move all day long and I especially love watching you move in the evenings. Every little (or big) jab is an excellent reminder of how lucky we are that you're still doing well. Along with your movements, comes some tightness in my belly sometimes. I can't tell if these are Braxton Hicks or just the way you're positioned at the time. They don't hurt too bad, just a weird tight feeling and don't typically stick around for long. I know it's pretty normal to be having Braxton Hicks around this time (and I think I did with Anna). I'll have to run it by my nurse on Monday and see what she thinks.

Sunday, December 10 - 30w, 3d

Your room is painted! It was a big deal for me to get the room painted because it's one step closer to becoming your room and farther away from being the office. I love the blue we chose - it looks excellent on the wall and on your crib.

One wall is blue and the rest are gray
Your room is far from done and ready, but I feel like we made good progress this weekend. It's going to be tough getting anything done the next two weekends because of family Christmases, so I foresee Daddy working some evenings after work to keep going on some projects. We're quickly running out of time before you're here, but I don't care, I'm getting so excited!

Your little head or booty sticking up!
Monday, December 11 - 30w, 4d
I had an appointment today with the nurse practitioner at MFM and everything is going well. Sugars have been decent the last two weeks and your constant movements let us know that you're doing well, too. Your heart rate was 140s-150s today, my weight gain is good (about 13lbs so far) and that's about it. Nothing exciting, which is good. Even though we're within single-digit weeks of you being born, we need you to stay comfy for several more!

Thursday, December 14 - 31 weeks
We're two months (and one day) away from your official due date! I'm heading to CF clinic today, so I'm curious to see what my numbers look like. I started inhaled TOBI about a week ago and it slowly seems to be helping. I'm guessing (and hoping) I won't have to go back until after you're born. I am not looking forward to the long drive today!

Monday, December 18 - 31w, 4d
My clinic appointment went well on Thursday. My lung function remains at 85% and my small airways even increased slightly, so that's always good to hear. I'm not a big fan of the way TOBI is making me feel (scratchy cough, dry mouth), but it seems to be helping for now. Dr. Dowell did say that I am welcome to stop TOBI at any time and get back on Cayston. I'm coming up on two weeks on TOBI, so I'm hoping to stick it out the full four weeks to introduce my lung bacteria to a new med that it hasn't been exposed to in years.
The doctor wants me to come back one more time in January, but as long as I'm feeling well, I'm not planning on going. I do not have enough sick days to cover my maternity leave, so I don't want to use up one more before I have Brother.

We celebrated our first family Christmas on Saturday with Tim's whole family. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone! Anna had a good time with her cousins, even took a nap for a while in between all of her fun. It was all fine and dandy until Anna threw up four-five times on the way home. It's an hour drive between Grandma's and home, but Saturday night took us about two hours. The poor girl was complaining of a stomach ache about 20 minutes into our ride, so we figured she had to go to the bathroom and told her we'd stop at the next gas station....until we heard the all too familiar sound. :( We pulled over and got her cleaned up as best as we could. Thankfully she had received some new clothes and jammies that day, so we changed her into those. This happened three more times on the way home and we were quickly running out of things to clean her up with and things to change her into. It was a long, exhausting, late night.
It turns out, whatever she had eaten must not have agreed with her. Even though we all ate the same stuff, her body did not like something. She ended up puking up absolutely everything in her tummy, even after we got home. Finally, around 4am, she was done and was able to get some sleep. Thankfully, when she woke up yesterday, she was on the mend. She was able to keep down water, then some medicine, then apple sauce and toast. By early afternoon, I had to keep her from jumping on her bed - she was feeling back to normal! I'm really grateful that she didn't have a fever to go along with it and that it only lasted those 12ish hours. I'm also very glad that she is feeling back to herself and can go to school for these last few days before break, and that Tim and I didn't get sick right along with her.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

28 & 29 Weeks

Thursday, November 23 - 28 weeks
Happy Thanksgiving! I am beyond thankful to be having such a normal, easy, healthy pregnancy this time around! I'm so excited to officially be in the third trimester now -- you'll be here before we know it!
Today was a busy, but productive day. Daddy finished the ceiling in your bedroom and hung your ceiling fan. Tomorrow I'm hoping he'll clear out the room so we can finally paint the walls! We also started putting up our Christmas decorations around the house today. I'd love to get a tree soon so we can put the presents around it, since they've been wrapped since Halloween. This year we have six stockings hanging along the mantel. Mommy, Daddy, Anna, Baby A, Baby B and yours. :) It was a little sad seeing their little stockings and name plates from last year, but I plan to keep them up in memory of your brothers.

Sunday, November 26 - 28w, 3d
Back to the daily grind tomorrow and finally another ultrasound! We had a great, relaxing yet productive weekend. I always look forward to this weekend because we get to spend so much time together as a family. Its the longest weekend we typically have off together all year.

I'm really looking forward to your ultrasound tomorrow because it's been six weeks since you've been measured and about a month since we've had an ultrasound. I'm sure you're going to look so much bigger! I just hope you're not getting too big.

Tuesday, November 28 - 28w, 5d
I had your appointment yesterday and everything went very well. You are definitely not too big, in fact, measured small-normal at around the 13th percentile. At first this concerned me a bit because the last time you were measured, you were in the 45th percentile, so that seemed like a big drop to me, but the nurse assured me that they aren't worried at all. She said you could have been going through a growth spurt the last time you were measured.

Needless to say, I don't think we're going to have any issues with you getting too big by the end of this pregnancy. I think we're actually going to be more aware that you're not too small...just like we did with Anna. Your estimated weight was about 2lbs 7oz which is right on track according to the nurse and my apps, so that's really good. I thought you looked so big in there, and completely squished. You were moving all around while the tech was measuring you and had your legs in front of your face pretty much the whole time. Every now and then you'd peek out between your legs and we'd see your nose and lips. You were also clapping the bottoms of your feet together at one point which was pretty funny. We also saw you practicing your breathing, which is excellent that you're doing that already.

I'll go back in two weeks for just a regular check-up, no ultrasound. And then after that, I go back right after Christmas and I'll be 32 weeks, so that's when the appointments will start happening twice weekly because of the gestational diabetes. Speaking of, my sugars have been better - although, not the best when we eat out at Chinese or Culver's! But, for right now, they are not increasing my insulin since overall the numbers seem to be getting better, so I was happy about that. Yesterday, I also got the whopping cough vaccine, so that I can pass some of it on to you before you're born.

Monday, December 4 - 29w, 4d
Wow, December already - that means you'll be here in just two short months! I'm so excited! I can't wait to snuggle your little squishy self! Although, it's going to be a long two months because the last few days my discomfort has really kicked in. I've been having a hard time getting comfortable when sleeping, standing/walking for too long makes me hurt, and standing after sitting or laying is not fun either. I don't know how I'm going to make it another two months - lots of sitting.
A coworker made the comment yesterday, "you better watch it because that's how it all started last time". I didn't even think of that, but she's right. I was getting really uncomfortable like this a few weeks before I had the boys. But somehow, this feels different. This feels like normal pregnancy progression discomfort. I'm not having any leaking or discharge and Brother is moving around all the time, which is really reassuring. I go back to the doctor a week from today, so we'll see how I feel then and I'll definitely be bringing it up if I become concerned.
In other news, we are still completely stuck on what to name you! I thought we had it narrowed down to a couple choices, but then we look at lists again and add/change things. I really hope we can choose soon because it's driving me crazy! I had a dream the other night that we had you home from the hospital for a week and you still didn't have a name. Your name is going to end up just being Brother! Ha!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

26 & 27 Weeks

Thursday, November 9 - 26 weeks
Good morning from Milwaukee, Brother! We'll be spending the next three days here learning about teaching science with several of my coworkers. I'm really happy that I'm feeling well enough to walk all over for the next few days - there would have been NO way I could make this trip when I was pregnant with your brothers.

You were so squirmy this morning, as soon as I woke up. It was a nice thing to wake up to. :) I'm excited to see what Daddy and Anna get done at home, while I'm gone, on your room. Last week Daddy was able to put drywall on the ceiling, so now he just has to patch the hole in the wall between your room and the kitchen, then I'm hoping we can start painting before he does the wood on the ceiling.

Thursday, November 16 - 27 weeks
We made it to another "viability milestone" this week, according to my app, because your lungs "are developed enough". Your organ systems are mostly developed by now, so the rest of the time will be focused on developing your brain and growing some fat on your little body. The closer and closer we make it to your due date, the more excited I am about bringing you home, and the more it's becoming a reality. You still have lots of growing to do, so stay cozy in there for several more weeks, please.

As I get closer to my third trimester, and since I'm officially a gestational diabetic, they're going to be keeping a much closer eye on both me and Brother. Once I hit 32 weeks, I'll be seen twice a week! One of those days will be a non-stress test and the other will be an ultrasound. Since I'm now on insulin, which seems to be helping, they want to monitor Brother's growth and fluid level, especially as this pregnancy progresses. As long as he's not getting too big, he'll hopefully be able to stay in there for a long time.

I'm supposed to be starting a meal-time insulin (faster acting) with dinner, but I'm waiting on Walgreens (or, most likely, insurance) to tell me it's approved. The overnight insulin I'm on seems to be helping my fasting sugars, especially now since we increased the dose to 8 units before bed. Everyone involved in this process - CF doctor, CF dietician, high risk team, and high-risk OB dietician - have all been communicating really well with each other, keeping my CF in mind and Brother in mind. It's really nice to have support from all sides and I'm glad we're all finally on the same page about insulin. They all tell me that my sugars are basically going to get more uncontrollable as I continue to progress through this pregnancy, and that I'll probably have to continue to increase my insulin dose until Brother is born. It was frustrating at first to see my sugars all over the place, even after eating healthy meals, but I'm glad I'm not doing anything wrong. It's just a combination of baby growing, CF, and pregnancy.

This week, the waddle is in full-effect. Brother is sitting very low and sitting/standing for too long makes me uncomfortable - also, transitioning from sitting to standing, or the other way, is sometimes uncomfortable. I can only imagine what it's going to be like teaching in January with an even bigger baby to lug around, but I know I can handle it.

I'm looking forward to getting more done on Brother's room over Thanksgiving weekend. That's the one time of year where Tim and I have 4 days off together, and we are typically very productive. Brother's room needs a ceiling and some paint on his walls before we can start with the fun part - decorating! I can't wait to get his crib up, start arranging his furniture and washing/organizing his clothes!

Wednesday, November 22 - 27w, 6d
The ceiling coverage began last weekend and will hopefully finish tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to painting the walls in your room because it's going to start making it seem more like "your room" instead of the office still (or as Anna still calls it, my "treatments room").

I started a mealtime insulin on Friday night that seems to be helping. It feels really good to be able to eat what I want now without worrying too much about my sugars. I'm hoping that keeping them in better control will help keep you healthy when you're born. At my last OB appointment, they checked my A1C level and it was 4.6 which is actually lower than it was at the beginning of my pregnancy, so I was very pleased. I'm looking forward to your appointment on Monday because they're finally going to measure you again. I can't wait to see how big you're getting. Your big movements are getting more visible from the outside, and your smaller movements are getting more noticeable throughout the day, even when I'm standing, and you've even had the hiccups a couple times within the last week or two. :)

I just can't wait for you to be here - I can't wait to snuggle you! Bring on the third trimester and let's hope it goes by just as quickly as the last two have!