Wednesday, January 11, 2017

14 & 15 Weeks

December 28th - 14 weeks! Hello second trimester!

Note: This one was taken in the evening - all others were in the morning.
December 29 - 14w, 1d
You're definitely growing! Look at that belly already! I've been having lots of stretching pains over the last week or so and according to my apps, you're both about 3.4 inches long and about 1.5oz. That's about 7 inches and 3oz of baby + placentas + your sacs....I guess that belly makes sense! Looking back at my pregnancy with Anna - this belly is about the same size as I was when I was about 23/24 weeks along with her!

Just got a call back from MFM! You are both very low risk for any chromosomal abnormalities! We also found out some gender news - so I immediately called Daddy!!! :)

December 31st - 14w, 3d
Daddy and I are going to get a new (used) car today. We're trading in our beloved Mazda 3 which we bought together a month before we got married. Its been with us for six years, four moves, a wedding, a baby and over 157,000 miles!
Even though we're planning on sending Anna to preschool in the fall, and Daddy will just be taking the two of you to Grandma's, there's no way we'd comfortably be able to fit both of your car seats in our "blue car". The plan is to upgrade to a Mazda 6 wagon, and I hope everything goes smoothly.

January 2 - 14w, 5d
Happy New Year! Thankfully everything went very smooth on Saturday, and Daddy and I came home with a new car. :) It has the right amount of space for our growing family and gets decent gas mileage for Daddy's commute to/from work. We are really liking the fact that it's a used vehicle (2005) because it's already broken in and we don't have to worry about trying to keep it fresh and new with soon to be three kids.

Pregnancy-wise, I've been feeling alright. I'm still having lots of stretching/pain in my low, low abdomen and groin area, but I know that's normal, it's just annoying. I notice it the most when I've been sitting a while and then get up, and also if I've been standing for a long time. With all of the stretching I've been feeling my body doing, and watching my belly grow by the day, I cannot wait to see you two at our ultrasound on Thursday! Daddy's thinking about coming with too in case they're able to confirm your genders. Let's hope you're both cooperating, otherwise we'll have to wait another 4 weeks!
I've also been experiencing some head aches on and off over the last couple days. I'm wondering if it's because I'm not drinking enough water. We bough a 40-pack of water bottles today at Sam's, so hopefully that'll help me, especially with going back to work tomorrow.

Unfortunately, winter break has come to an end. Luckily tomorrow is just Teacher Work Day, so it'll be a nice ease back into the week. I'm looking forward to getting back onto a schedule & routine, but will definitely miss sleeping in and having some lazy days. It's hard to believe this school year is already half way over. It's also hard to believe that I may not finish this school year! On the last day of school, I'll be exactly 35 weeks, so we'll see how my body holds up! I plan to get in contact with a couple of my favorite subs to see if they'd be interested in covering me at the end of the school year, if need be. I'd really like to make it to the end of the year, but I know there are so many unknowns with twin pregnancies as I've written about before.
Well, better get to bed! 4:45 will come way too soon!

January 6 - 15w, 2d
We know your genders!!! I had an ultrasound yesterday and you were both very cooperative and we were able to confirm your genders. Daddy and I are very excited!! We're not sharing just yet because I'm having some things made to help make the reveal a little more fun. Nothing over the top, but something cute. Hopefully they'll be done by next Thursday so we can share our news Friday.

I couldn't believe how big you both looked on the ultrasound yesterday, although the tech said you're probably about a pound a piece (so still very tiny). They didn't measure you at all because you're still so small, but will start measuring next appointment, which will also be our big anatomy scan. With all of the stretching and pain I've been having down low, I thought for sure the ultrasound would be really low yesterday, too. It wasn't. She was looking at you both up higher than expected and she said the top of my uterus is probably just above my belly button - wow! So I guess this belly is babies already :) You were both sideways, each of your heads facing a different direction. I got to see you moving all around, kicking legs and and bending arms. I asked how they determine who's baby A and baby B -- baby A is the one closest to the exit, basically. So the twin on the bottom is baby A, and the one on top is baby B. I'm assuming you'll stay in those positions most of the pregnancy until (hopefully!) you start turning head down to make your exit.

Surprisingly I've only gained 2lbs so far, which made me a little worried, but the NP didn't seem to think it was an issue. They really want me to keep a close watch on my sugars to help avoid gestational diabetes. My blood pressure was totally normal. And all of the blood work I had done around 11-12 weeks came back normal. Even my A1C was 4.6!! Woo hoo! That's within normal-people (aka: non-CF) range! I hope that I'm able to control my sugars with diet and not insulin this pregnancy. So far I've been doing pretty good, just struggling with dinner being a bit on the high end after two hours. Hopefully I can get/keep them under control to avoid further issues.

For now Daddy and I are keep our lips sealed so we don't give your genders away yet. It's was really hard at work today, but I'm going to try my best not to say anything. I'm glad that Daddy and I can settle on names and start coming up with nursery ideas. :-)

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Wow, what a year this has been for our country and the world. It seems like everyone is quickly ready to say good-bye to this "terrible" year and have a fresh start tomorrow in 2017. I can't say I'm feeling the same hatred toward this year that I'm picking up on social media.

We did have some very tough times this year in our family, especially with the unexpected passing of our two year old niece, Alayna. That was absolutely one of the saddest and difficult things I have ever experienced. But I feel like our family has been really strong, and I am incredible proud of my sister- & brother-in-law for how they've dealt with the entire situation. I love that we can talk about Alayna, share videos and pictures all the time. I love how much our family loves her and that we will never, ever forget her beautiful smile and heart.

This year wasn't easy on Tim and I either, fertility-wise. We (mostly me) struggled emotionally with my body not cooperating month after month, feeling like it was just not going to happen for us again. Thankfully, my body decided to get in gear and even gave us a pleasant surprise of two little beans! :)

Tim and I ended the year by going to purchase a new (used) car today to accommodate our growing family. We're also in the beginning stages of reorganizing our house and preparing for the babies' nursery.

Health-wise, this has been a decent year for me. I was surprised to see my lung function get back into the 90s, although it didn't last as long as I wished it would, it's still stable and "normal". I plan to stay compliant with my treatments as long as it'll fit me and after the babies are born. It is my job to stay healthy for them and my family.

Overall, 2016 wasn't too bad, but I have no doubts that 2017 will be even better!! :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12-13 Weeks

December 14: 12 Weeks!

This belly is getting tough to hide! We've been taking them
first thing in the morning before work and before it gets stretched out from eating.
Pretty soon it won't matter the time of day because I'll just be big all the time!
12 weeks today and you're the size of toy soldiers or plums! Word of your existence is spreading across family and friends rapidly and it's been so fun! Everyone wants to know if you're identical (probably not) and if/when we're going to find out your genders (yes, definitely...and hopefully soon!). Some people have asked how being pregnant with two babies is going to affect me CF-wise (we'll see). Many people have been in shock and have been super excited!

I'm excited to be approaching the second trimester because that means you're slowly getting out of that critical development period. That also means that I should be open up to a few more medication options as you get bigger/more developed throughout the winter. I'm sick again - it came on quick Monday into yesterday. I ordered Cayston yesterday and it'll be delivered today which means I can start it tomorrow. I'll try to increase my treatments as much as possible which is always hard, plus with the holiday parties coming up it's going to be harder, but necessary. I emailed my doctor already this morning to see if there's anything else I can do/take. Luckily right now it's mostly my sinuses and my throat, but I can tell it's getting to my chest.

I'm nervous because this is the second time I've been sick already and its only the beginning of winter. The last time took me about two full weeks to fight off because I couldn't take any antibiotics. I'm hoping the Cayston will help me kick this one a little sooner. I'm also hoping that since we're getting into the second trimester, there may be a lower dose of an oral antibiotic that I can take if I get sick again this season.

December 21 - 13 weeks!
I'm slowly on the upswing of this sickness. Unfortunately Anna's had to go on antibiotics and Daddy is at the doctor right now to get some for himself. I'm very thankful I didn't get what they had, or if I did, that it wasn't as bad. Mine is mostly in my chest now, and just hanging around a little bit in my sinuses.

You two are 13 weeks along today which means you're the size of jalapeno peppers, Matchbox cars or clownfish (about 3 inches long) -  haha! One app I have is so fun and has lots of comparisons each week. You both each have fingerprints now, which is kind of cool! This is the last week of my first trimester which is also pretty exciting. In some ways I already feel like this pregnancy is flying by -- probably because I started showing so early!

I'm heading into Maternal Fetal Medicine today to get my blood drawn for the Harmony Prenatal Test. It's a screening for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13 which are chromosomal abnormalities. I'm at low risk for any of these because we don't have a family history and you're both measuring just fine. I'm getting it done because we had it with Anna and it just gives us that peace of mind. It will also tell us your genders! With it being done so close to the holiday, we might not get the results until after the new year, but it's still exciting that we're finally going to find out what you are within the next couple weeks!
Just recently, I've been thinking you might be two girls. I don't know if that's because I just want to be able to reuse all of Anna's old clothes, or what. A couple weeks ago I was convinced you were two boys - so who knows! Naming you is going to be the hardest part because there are two. I have my two girls names ready to go - just have to convince Daddy. We both don't have any boys names, so if you're both boys, that's going to be the hardest.

I've been feeling pretty good pregnancy-wise for the most part. I can definitely tell you've been growing because I've been having lots of stretching pains down low over the last couple days.

Christmas Eve - 13w, 3d
I'm a little sad, but mostly pretty excited because this is Anna's last Christmas as an only child. I feel like I've been wanting to soak up every minute with her lately, especially because I'm on winter break, because I'm afraid we won't get that one-on-one time when you two are born! Next Christmas (and for  years to come) will be so fun with all three kids together!

I learned on Wednesday that the Harmony Screening may only give us a little information about your genders. It just detects a Y chromosome if it's there. So if it doesn't detect one at all, then we know you're both girls. If it does pick up a Y chromosome, that means either you're a boy and a girl, or two boys. It'll just tell us there's a boy in there, not how many. So I'm very curious to get the results. The genetic counselor who was there on Wednesday said the office is only open Wednesday and Thursday next week due the Christmas and New Years holidays. If we don't hear back one of those days, then we'll have to wait til the following week. I'm not too worried about it though because my next appointment is shortly after, so I'm guessing they'll try to look/confirm for us then. I wanted Daddy to come to that appointment with me, but that's the night Anna is starting swimming lessons, so I'll have to meet them at the Y after my appointment.

December 27 - 13w, 6d
Not too much news to report other than I am SO ready to prepare the house for you! Yesterday, Anna and I took down all of the Christmas decorations. I think that's the soonest I've ever taken down decorations, but my mind is racing with all of the things we need to get done to prepare for your arrivals. While Anna was taking her nap, I pulled everything out of the living room closet and almost everything out of the second closet (your closet) in the office (your bedroom). It's mostly still all in the living room right now which drives me a little crazy, but we're slowly sorting through things. We're making a sell pile (already sold $60+ worth of stuff), a garage sale pile, keep & find somewhere to store pile, and a garbage pile. Thankfully the garbage men came this morning, so I was able to get rid of a nice chunk of stuff already.

I wouldn't say I'm "nesting" already, but more preparing. There are a lot of unknowns and things out of my control with this pregnancy which I don't like. For example, my health and how my body is going to handle growing two babies; if I'll have to go on bed rest; if I'll be able to work til the end of the school year; when you'll be born; how you'll be born....
I am a planner. I like to know what's going on ahead of time. So all of these things that are completely out of my control are always on the back of my mind. Cleaning the house and getting the office converted into a nursery is something that I can control, it's something that I can see and put my energy into over the next few months, so that's why I'm so anxious to get it started.

We've also started buying diapers and wipes. We don't have a ton yet, but I figure we might as well get them now while they're on sale and stock up because we know it's something we're going to need!

I cannot wait to find out your genders! The fact that we should know within the next week or two makes me so excited. If one or both of you are boys, I'm going to have a hard time restraining myself from shopping! :)

Good-bye first trimester! You were not as bad as you could have been - thank you! - but I'm looking forward to the second trimester for the energy boost, baby genders, and my favorite: baby movements!

10 & 11 Weeks

December 1 - 10 weeks!

Not much difference between this and eight weeks - but still difficult to hide!!
I'm ten weeks today and there's just something exciting about entering double digits! I am dying to tell everyone about BOTH of you, but I can't spill the beans just yet....but we're getting closer!! We're within two weeks of everyone knowing! I am SO excited for my ultrasound on Monday afternoon. You two are about the size of a Lego person this week and your arms/legs/joints are starting to move and bend - which I can't wait to see on the ultrasound. You're going to be so much more baby-like and much less blob-like! :)

As long as everything goes well on Monday, then on Tuesday I'm planning on taping our Christmas card to the board in the lounge, at school, where we put all of our announcements. It's getting extremely hard to hide my belly, and I'm pretty sure everyone at work is suspicious, but too afraid to ask! I'm going to ask them to keep it off social media until we mail the ones out to all family and friends on the 10th. 

The Christmas cards came in yesterday (two days early!) and they look great! I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I would have liked the fireplace picture to be bigger, but Daddy likes that you have to look at it closely to actually figure it out. It'll be so exciting to hear everyone's reactions and to see who actually notices. We're bringing two to Linda & Roger this weekend and I cannot wait to see their reaction!

December 6 - 10+6
Linda and Roger were very surprised! We had to ask them to look at the fireplace again because they didn't notice at first. Linda said NO WAY! And Roger said, No shit?! Then later he said, "Shit, I can't spoil three of them! :) That's the Roger answer I was expecting! :)

I had another ultrasound yesterday and you're both still in there! It seems silly now to think that you wouldn't be, but I just get worried. Everything looked good. They actually moved your due date up one day and I'm officially due June 28th - even though twins never make it to their due date.

I met with a new nurse practitioner at the MFM office yesterday who was fantastic! She answered all of my questions and we talked about a lot of things. You two are "Di Di" twins which means you each have your own sack and your own placenta. The NP told me this is the best kind of twins to have because you're at a lot less risk. You don't share a blood flow, or a placenta. You're each growing individually of each other, which means we most likely won't have to deal with one twin being the "bigger/dominant" twin. That really helped put my mind at ease. She also informed me that the national average for twin delivery is between 35 and 36 weeks, although 37 weeks is considered full term. She said they'll closely monitor you guys and me, and obviously right now there's no telling how long you'll be in there.
With a twin pregnancy, I'm at a higher risk for pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes (the CF puts me at high risk, then the two placentas - she said it's a "triple-whammy"). These are things that they will closely monitor me for and we'll adjust accordingly. If I delivered around 36 weeks, that puts me at the very end of May/beginning of June. I just hope I can make it through the end of the school year!

December 13 - 11+6
The word is spreading quickly!!! We dropped our Christmas cards in the mail on Friday evening and people received them very quickly (yesterday was Monday). Lots of messages and texts with surprised notes! It's been so fun! Grandma Dorothy is VERY EXCITED to watch two babies and she is definitely not bailing on us! :)

The day after my doctor appointment, I put our Christmas card up in the lounge at school. I made sure to get their early so most people would see it as they came in in the morning. All it took was for a couple people to notice before they were pulling other staff members in to see the announcement! Many people understood quickly that I was pregnant, but lots of "look closer" and "count the stockings" comments were made by each other to help them see the surprise! I wish I could have been recording everyone's faces when they went from thinking it was one, to realizing it was two! HA! Lots of open mouths, terrified-for-you looks, but also lots of happy, that's-so-amazing faces, too! Lots of hugs and even a few happy tears! :) It was so fun! It's also been SO nice to be able to wear my maternity clothes to work this last week because I've just been so much more comfortable. My belly looks 4-5 months pregnant, but most of that is still just weight gain & a growing belly during the day from eating/digesting. I think after winter break it'll actually be babies making that belly. 

8 & 9 Weeks

November 17 - 8 weeks:

Nice belly already - this was taken in the morning & all I had eaten was one piece of toast.
See what I mean by it being difficult to hide & me getting strange looks!
I know most of it is just weight gained/CF, but still!
I am so tired!! I wake up tired, when I leave for work I'm tired, I am so exhausted throughout the day, and then with it getting dark so early, I've been ready for bed by 7! Haha! I do not remember feeling this exhausted during the day with Anna. I know, I know there are two babies in there, but still. I hope it passes soon so I can get my energy back!

Other than feeling tired all the time, I've been feeling really good. I haven't noticed any more nausea when I get hungry...but I am starting to notice that I'm hungry all the time! I'm also still fighting this cold that started about a week ago. Thankfully I think I'm finally over the dry, non-productive hacking cough part. Yesterday, and more so today, I've been producing a LOT more mucus and I've been getting a lot of it out. I'm supposed to start a new Cayston cycle in two weeks, but I might call next week to see if I can get it a bit early to help fight off the last bit of this cold. 

Hopefully in about three more weeks we can spill the beans! It's killing me trying to hide my belly and not say anything about being pregnant!

November 22: 8w, 5d
Still exhausted over here!! I even had a student point out yesterday that I kept yawning - oops! I'm also very hungry - I woke up in the middle of the night the other day (at 1:00am) to eat sour cream & onion chips and a string cheese. I don't know if I was dreaming about it, or what, but I woke up and had to have those! I'm hoping that does not continue...haha!

I'm slowly starting to feel better. I'm still coughing more than usual, but what's coming up (except first thing in the morning) has been pretty thin and yellow, so that's good. I think I'm going to keep my Cayston to start on December 1st, since that'll actually be here quicker than I think. I'm really looking forward to my next doctors appointment which is two weeks away. This week should fly by with Thanksgiving and having a nice, long weekend. But next week is back to a full week at work, so that'll seem to go by slow, I'm sure.

This past weekend, we shared the news with some of Daddy's family. We told them that I'm pregnant, and everyone is very excited! Grandma even said, "YES!" Everyone is assuming it's just one, so I can't wait to hear their surprise when they get their Christmas card! I think we're going to send them out after Isaac's birthday party, which is December 10th. Then everyone will get them right before we have our family Christmas on the 17th! :)

We have our pictures back from Heather and they turned out really cute. Now we just have to do the fireplace picture this week so we can create our cards. I'd like to see if we can get a good deal on them on Black Friday, but then it's going to kill me to have the cards in the house and not mail them out for another two weeks! We'll see...

I cannot wait to see these babies again! They're going to be so much bigger than the little blobs they were two weeks ago! I am constantly worrying that one just isn't going to be in there anymore, even though I've been feeling great. I've had no cramps, pain, bleeding, etc to suggest that, it's just hard when I can't feel anything this early on except wanting to sleep all the time. I guess I should take that as a good sign, right?!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Thursday, December 22, 2016

6-7 Weeks

November 8 (Election Day): 6w, 5d
24 hours from now I'll be having my ultrasound and I cannot wait!! Daddy and Anna are going to meet me there, and I'll be running out of work as fast as I can after our meetings. Tomorrow is the day where we find out if there's one strong little baby, or if our life will be turned upside down with two! I think either there's two, or you're a boy because I've started having some nausea this week (and I didn't have that with Anna) - yuck! It has not been fun. Its typically in the morning right around when I'm about to eat breakfast. I don't know if its because I'm hungry, but it's something I have to get past and make myself eat because that usually makes it go away. Thankfully it doesn't usually come back throughout the day, but we'll see...
Daddy and I already have our Christmas card idea picked out and it's going to be really hard to get through Thanksgiving without telling anyone because I'll be 8-9 weeks by then. I've already noticed some people looking at me differently, but I haven't had anyone ask me yet. Most of my problem is that I've gained so much weight (in my belly, of course) over this summer/fall, so things aren't fitting correctly. I can't wait to stop hiding my belly and have it actually look like a baby bump!

November 9th: 6w, 6d
There are TWO of you in there!!!! They actually saw three gestational sacks originally, so for about five minutes Daddy and I thought we could be having triplets which was quite terrifying! She told us to not freak out and that she would just check each sack individually and see what we're dealing with. Baby A looked great and had a heart beat of 152 bpm. Baby B was a little harder to see because of it's position, but still measured great and had a heart rate of 135 bpm. The third sack ended up not having anything in it, so they called it a "blood sack" or something like that. They said it'll eventually just dissolve itself and shouldn't pose any problems.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for my routine CF appointment, so I'm excited to tell and talk to my doctor about what to expect. I'm hoping my lung function is better than last time, but I'm also feeling a bit of a cold coming on, so we'll see. I was 138.2lbs today, so I've already gained 4 pounds since the IUI three weeks ago....thanks, Kalydeco. It's getting extremely hard to hide my belly, and not because of the babies. It's because of my weight gain and it all going straight to my belly. I may have to tell people at work sooner than I planned because I'm already getting weird looks from people. I'm sure it'll become a hard baby belly soon enough though with this being my second pregnancy and with there being two babies in there.

After our ultrasound, Daddy, Anna and I went looking at car seats and double strollers at Babies R Us and Target. Double strollers are expensive, but we saw a really nice one at Babies R Us that we both really liked, so we'll have to start saving up. :) As of right now, the plan is to still share at Christmas on our card. The discussion now is to share whether there are two at Christmas, or wait until we know your genders. I want to put two on the Christmas card, Daddy wants to wait, so hopefully I can convince him to announce it sooner.

November 11: 7w, 1d
I don't think it has set in completely that there are two of you in there. I talk about "them" and "they" and "babies", but I don't think I've fully grasped what it's going to be like to take care of both of you at the same time! Luckily I have the next eight months to let it sink in! I am getting excited thinking about everyone finding out this Christmas, that it's going to be so hard not to say anything for the next month. I want to send out our cards in early December, just so everyone will know!

Oh, how could I forget?! I had my CF appointment yesterday and Dr. Dowell was surprised but so excited for us! She went running around the office showing off your ultrasound pictures, it was so funny. She isn't too worried about me staying healthy during this pregnancy since I am starting off really healthy. But, there aren't many oral antibiotics safe for you guys (especially now), so I'm hoping that I can fight this cold with extra treatments and extra rest. My weight wasn't as high as it was at the ultrasound the other day (must have been my large lunch that day!), but still stable at 134.9, which means I've gained only about a pound since the IUI -- seems more reasonable than the four I thought I gained the other day. My lung function was good, at 86%, so I hope it's able to stay around there throughout pregnancy. I have my first high-risk appointment scheduled for December 5th and I'm really looking forward to see how much you've both develop. It also means that after that appointment we can get our Christmas cards ready to send out - woo hoo!

November 14: 7w, 4d
We had our Christmas card pictures taken yesterday and I can't wait to see how they turned out. I wanted to do them early so we could do them outside before it got too cold. Heather (and Berkley) took our pictures and created a cute little sign for Anna that said "Only Child Expiring June 2017". She did so good smiling in the pictures and tolerating the chilly weather. We're also going to do an indoor picture with stockings over our fireplace, but we have to wait until we reorganize the living room and decorate for Christmas. I asked Daddy to get our stockings out of the attic, so all five are out in the living room. :) With your ultrasound pictures hanging up, and the two little baby stockings out, it's slowly starting to feel a bit more real.

Thankfully my sickness and nausea has gone away for the most part. It comes about whenever I get too hungry, so as long as I'm eating regularly, I've been feeling pretty good. Lung-wise, this cold sucks! I did three treatments a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'll try to keep that up this week, too, because I don't think it's going away any time soon without antibiotics. It's not too bad throughout the day, but in the evenings my mucus production is nonexistent and my cough is so tight and dry. I'm scheduled to start Cayston December 1st, so maybe I can talk to Dr. Dowell about starting it a week early to help kick this cold if it's still lingering by then.

Other than that, my challenge for this week is to keep my belly hidden at work. It's still mostly just CF belly, but I think people are starting to get suspicious. I'd like to hold off until the Christmas cards go out, but we'll see. It's getting hard to find clothes (and non-maternity pants) that fit and hide things.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

4 & 5 Weeks

October 27th: 5 weeks

Dear Baby or Babies (we don't know yet),
YAY!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be pregnant again!! It has taken us six months of frustrating fertility appointments to get to this point, and we were on the brink of IVF, so the word excited doesn't describe the way I'm feeling enough.

I cannot imagine what my body is going to look like carrying two babies, or how it's going to handle it, but if that's what we're in for, then we're ready as we can be. If you're just one lone little bean in there, then I'll be equally excited (and maybe a little relieved) because I know I can handle it.

You're already giving me a run for my money and keeping me on my toes. I started having pregnancy symptoms just one week after having the IUI. My nose is already on high alert and I've come to hate the smell of popcorn because they make it every Friday at school.

I've also had some experience with coughing up blood already. After talking with some of my CF friends, it seems kind of common, but I don't remember having this issue when I was pregnant with your sister. I've been in contact with my CF doctor and we're increasing my Vitamin K to daily for a week. She also wants me to keep running (although I feel that might be part the trigger) to keep working my lungs and get that junk out...just to take it a bit easier. We'll see!

At five weeks you're the size of a BB pellet or a black peppercorn. It's fascinating to read how much is developing already in your tiny little body(ies). Its been three years and I've easily forgotten. I'm planning on staying on Kalydeco during this pregnancy because, to me, the risk of stopping it is greater than staying on it. When I was pregnant with Anna and I stopped it, my lung function hit an all-time low, and I definitely don't want to take that risk again.

October 29th: 5w, 2d
I had my running group again this morning and we ran/walked 2.4 miles. We did a flat course and I felt very tired throughout, but my lungs felt great afterwards. I haven't had any straight blood or streaking today since my run, so I'm hoping that it's getting healed in there.

As long as everything goes well over the next month, Daddy and I are planning on announcing to everyone using our Christmas card. We're not sure how/what we're going to say yet, but I'm looking forward to everyone's reactions! :)