Monday, December 3, 2012

And The Winner Is...

This is the little gift I won at the
meeting on Friday. 
This has been such an interesting past couple of weeks! I won a turkey through the raffle at the Turkey Trot, Friday afternoon at a PLC meeting I won a cute little Christmas decoration and candy, and today was definitely the best: I won two tickets to the Bears vs Packers game on Sunday, December 16th! I grew up a Bears fan and I've always wanted to attend a professional football game - it's actually on my "Goals" page - I just never thought the day would come because tickets are so expensive.
Our school participates in a program called Play 60, which encourages students to be active for 60 minutes a day to fight childhood obesity. Well, I guess the program sent us two tickets to the Bears/Packers game (huge rivalry, for those who aren't from the area). So our home/school liaison approached me this morning saying that they have the tickets and they were going to raffle them off to anyone who participated in the Turkey Trot, and asked if I'd be interested. Of course I said yes, thinking I'd never win. Well about 2:30 this afternoon while we were doing a class craft, she came in my room with the secretary behind her with a camera (to get a picture of my reaction), and said, "Guess who won the tickets?!" I was so surprised!! So I texted Tim right after school to tell him about it, too. I don't know a ton of information yet, just when the game is. I'm not sure where our seats are, but I really don't care - I'm just so excited that we get to go to a Bears game together!

So, in a crazy round-about way, I have CF to thank for this opportunity. If it wasn't for me having CF, I would have never started running. I'm very proud of myself for accomplishing four 5k's over the past few months, so maybe this is my reward - crossing off another one of my big goals! Sweet! :-)


  1. Thats Awesome! You should play the lottery or go to a casino!

  2. Wow thats great Colleen!!!! Keep up that running cyster. You are kicking some CF behind that is for sure :)