Friday, January 31, 2014

A Friend In Need

I'm sorry for the long delay in posts, I'll make up for it soon, I promise! But right now I've got another friend in need of some thoughts, prayers, kind words, donations, whatever you can give at the moment. My friend, Cheriz, has a friend, Laura, who is in great need for a lung transplant.... like, yesterday!

Like Cheriz says in her blog, its hard to think about or even talk about it sometimes, but the reality is: this could be me one day. There may come a day when CF gets the best of my lungs and the only option to extend my life would be to trade these mucus-soaked ones for a fresh new pair. Sounds easy, right? Not quite. Its a long, painful, grueling, and expensive process!

PLEASE follow this link ( to Cheriz's blog to read about everything newly-married Laura is going through at the moment and see if there is any way you could help her out. Thank you!!!

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  1. Thanks Colleen! I'll keep ya updated. I really appreciate. I've been freaking out. I hope you enjoy the Gala :-)