Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Month Old


Dear Anna (aka: pumpkin, peanut, baby, baby girl, sweetie, big girl, etc),
I cannot believe you are already one month old! This has been the fastest month of our lives, and the absolute best one! Daddy and I feel like you were just born, but at the same time, like you've been with us forever. Parenting has come so natural to both of us and we couldn't be happier. So many people told us, before you were born, how crazy our life was going to be once you arrived, but "crazy" is definitely not a word I would use to describe the last month. I'd use words like: amazing, fulfilling, calm...it just feels right. You are the perfect fit to our little family.


Over the last couple of weeks, you've found you voice...and by that, I mean your cry. Thankfully you still don't cry very often, but you've let out some hardy screams a few times...especially when you're getting lotion on after a bath and when you've absolutely had enough tummy time. :) It's been fascinating watching you grow and become more alert each day. You definitely recognize Mommy and Daddy's voices and give us the most beautiful gummy grins when we talk to you. You're now able to focus on people and objects and track them with your head and eyes. You've started watching your toys that hang above you on your play mat, and you love to stare at the pictures in books when I read to you.

You're growing so big and strong! You've taken to breastfeeding like a champ and I often call you a 'little piggy' as you're quickly gulping like we're starving you... I promise, I feed you every two hours! Your first three weeks, you were an excellent sleeper which is why I think your Dad and I haven't felt 'crazy' because we've been able to get decent sleep, too. Typically you nursed between 9-10pm and sleep until 2-2:30 when you grunt away in your Rock and Play until I lift you out. Then after you're changed and fed, you usually slept until 5:30-6, where you'd wake again just by grunting and squirming. Once that feeding is done, sometimes you'll stay awake, but sometimes you'll go right back to sleep which is when I'm able to do treatments, shower and eat before you need to eat again in two hours.
At three weeks old, we gave you your second bottle (first was during your first week and it was a disaster) and you did so well! We've been trying to give you a bottle every couple days, just so you'll get used to it for when you go to Grandma's.

Then at about 3.5 weeks, you decided to switch up your eating and sleeping routine...I'm guessing you were going through a growth spurt. You started nursing for longer (20 minutes) and waking more often during the night. You started getting a little fussy in the evenings and fighting sleep. Now, right at 4 weeks, you're back to nursing for 10-15 minutes, but you're still getting up every two-three hours during the night, and it takes a bit more cuddles and rocking (and a pacifier) before you'll finally give in to sleep.

8.30.14 - Aunt Elise holding Alayna and Nana holding you
Daddy and I also survived your first projectile vomit episode, Friday night (4 weeks). You finished eating and were sleeping propped up in the crook of my arm for a while, when out of no where (no warning, no sound) you projectiled everywhere! All over you, me and the couch. I just sat there frozen, stunned - I had no idea what to do! Then you let out a second round! Finally, I looked at your Dad and said, "Can you help me?!" We were both just sitting there waiting for the other to do something. So Daddy grabbed you and cleaned you up while I went to change my clothes. Of course you had no idea what happened and went straight back to sleep when Daddy was changing you!
I was very concerned. I got out the thermometer and we took your temperature, but of course it was normal. I had no idea why you just threw up everywhere, so I asked a few of my fellow CF mommy friends who all reassured me it was normal for babies to do that once in a while and gave me a couple pointers. A little while later you woke up starving and ate really well. I was worried about putting you down and probably burped you a little too much over the next couple feedings, but you kept everything down aside from a couple little normal spits. Thankfully you haven't done that since, and now you're back to eating for only 10-15mins. My guess is that you over-ate because we were used to doing 20min feedings the days prior. Now if we can only go back to sleeping longer at night...

Archie and Ozzie are starting to get used to you, too. To my surprise, over the last week, Ozzie has really become interested in you. Whenever you fuss or cry if we're not holding you, Ozzie will run over to you and just stare. I think he's going to become quite protective of you. Archie still isn't completely comfortable with you and usually keeps his distance, but every once in a while he'll come sniff you while we're holding you.

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