Saturday, January 10, 2015

Five Months Old

Five months old, wow! Time sure is flying by! This month you've changed so much, and you've learned and discovered so many new things, it's been so exciting. You're growing big and strong, gradually outgrowing all of your three month clothes and making your way into six months.

On December 14th, you rolled over for the first time all by yourself! You rolled from your tummy to your back, over your right arm. I wasn't expecting it, so I set you down on your belly on a thin blanket for some tummy time, and stepped away to grab a toy. When I turned around, you were already halfway over! You bonked your head on the floor on your way down, but I think what scared you more was me jumping up and down, clapping and shouting 'yay! You did it!!!' because then you started to cry...oops! I turned you back onto your belly and you proceeded to roll over each time. We were so proud! Every time you do it, even now almost a month later, Daddy and I still clap and say 'yay', but in a quieter tone so we don't freak you out. :) Now, at the end of the month, you mostly still roll to the right, but occasionally will roll to the left.

This month you also discovered your feet. You first started to recognize and grab them during diaper changes. But now you've started noticing that they're still there when you're laying down or in your car seat, swing or rock and play. You've also learned how to put them in your mouth! You have started grabbing and touching people's faces, too. When Daddy and I (or anyone really) are talking to you, you watch our mouth moving and you want to grab it. You rub my chest and cheek when you nurse and love to feel anything you can get your hands on.

Oh little pumpkin, you found your voice again! At the beginning of the month, you still weren't talking too much, but since about Christmas, you've been talking non-stop....and man, you can be loud! Sometimes you get so excited that you screech, too, especially when you see the cats. You love them! Ozzie, surprisingly, is much more tolerant of you touching and grabbing him, but Archie's coming to realize that you have hands to pet him, too.

This month has been so fun, celebrating your first Christmas and having winter break off to hang out with you for three weeks straight. We had several Christmases to attend to see all sides of the family and of course you got a ton of stuff. You sometimes helped me open your presents by grabbing the wrapping paper, but you wanted to put it straight into your mouth. The last week we've been playing with all of your new toys and spending lots of time together until I have to go back to work.

Over Christmas we also learned that you're starting your 'stranger danger' stage...quite early, too. You definitely know who your mom and dad are and usually only want us holding you when we get somewhere new, especially if you just woke up. Eventually you'll go to other people and be super friendly, but when you don't want to be held by someone else, you get this ridiculously adorable pouty lip and this sad, sappy cry until you're back with me or Daddy. At home, you cry if we leave you on the changing pad, or in a room, and you can't see one of us...its pretty cute, but I hope it doesn't transfer to separation anxiety at Grandma Dorothy's.

You still drool like crazy, soaking through at least three bibs a day and still chew on things and put everything in your mouth. I don't think you're getting any teeth just yet though because you haven't been fussy, your gums aren't swollen and I can't see anything trying to pop through. Although I'm sure it won't be too much longer until your adorable, gummy, toothless grin is gone.

We haven't given you any food yet, still only breast milk. I'd like to wait at least one more month before introducing you to 'people food', just to make sure you're digestive system is mature enough to handle it. You're doing a wonderful job, still, with nursing and still sleeping through the night. It's going to be a rude awakening for both of us next week when we have to get up earlier - we've been spoiled these last three weeks with being able to sleep in. You've been sleeping from about 9-9:30p -- 7-7:30a and it's been so nice! You don't nap the longest during the day, usually a half hour here and there with maybe one longer nap (unless you're sleeping on me, in which you'll sleep for two-three hours!), but I don't mind because I'd rather you sleep through the night.

You survived your first cold this month. You must have picked it up over Christmas while visiting everybody. It was a stuffy/runny nose with a rattling cough, but you did so well. You never had a fever, weren't extra fussy or clingy, and took it like a champ. I used lots of Vick's and sucked your boogers out a million times a day, and it went away on its own about a week later. Of course about 1/2 way through, one day while I was changing your diaper, you sneezed in my face & eyes, so a couple days later I was sick, too. Oh well. :)

Finally, we lost your great, great-grandma Danner this month, on December 30th. She loved you SO much and was so honored that we named you after her. The last time we saw her, she was beaming with happiness when she saw you, and told your daddy and I, "you take care of that precious baby". Although you'll never remember the time you spent with her, I'm so glad that she was able to meet you, and you'll learn what a wonderful person she was through all of our memories.

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  1. That last pix of Anna and great, great grandma Danner - precious.