Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Expanding Vocabulary

We went for our first family hike over the weekend :)
You're 13 months old now and finally beginning to say words! Forget the typical mama and dada, you skipped that stage, started with animal sounds and now words. There are some words you can say on your own (below) and you try to repeat a lot of things we say.

Quack, Quack - very high pitch "tat, tat"
Dog sound (and any unknown animal) - "woo, woo"
Moo - "boo"
Bear - growling
Bubbles - "bub-buh" or "buh-bo"
Drink - "dink"
Cup - "pup"
Sit - "tit"
Chip - "tit"
Boo! - "bew"
Cat/Kitty/Ozzie/Archie - "ah-ah" like a meow sound, the first one's high, second one's lower
Just within the last couple days you've been calling Ozzie "Izzy"
The letter A - loud and clear on that one when you point to the A on your door
Boat - "bope"
Book - "boop" (sounds like book with an ending p sound)
Diaper - "by-ber"
"Uh oh"
Kick - "key-key-key"
Up - "up"

You learned the sign for bath and you use it when you hear the shower running, or when you want to get in the tub. You also make an "ahh" sound (that you would make after taking a cold drink on a hot day) when she sees any kind of cup/drink. It's amazing how you went from babbling to repeating so quickly! You rarely sign more & please anymore, unless you're prompted/reminded. I definitely want to teach you more signs to help expand your vocabulary even more though. Every month I feel like "is my favorite stage" because you're just growing up into such a smart and fun little girl!

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