Sunday, May 8, 2016

One and Three Quarters

21 months, one and 3/4, Almost two!!! What?? How??

Baby Big girl, you're growing and learning right before our eyes, and it's so fun and you're so silly!!

You're starting to display typical toddler behaviors like requesting specific colors of things (green plate for dinner, purple cup, blue spoon, etc) and you prefer blue of everything - thankfully you don't (yet) throw a fit if we don't have something in that color. You're good about picking from what's already there....for now....You're also beginning to test the limits on rules. Your most recent one is screaming. It drives me crazy! I'm hoping it'll pass soon. :)

You're definitely getting smarter every day and I swear your ears are ALWAYS listening to everything that's going on around you because you pick up on everything, or join in on Mommy and Daddy's conversations when we didn't think you were paying attention. You can also count to thirteen and know all of your colors.
And I'm probably jinxing myself for putting this down, but you still are an amazing sleeper at night. You know the routine (jammies, brush teeth, hugs, then bed) and once we get started you follow it through and go down without a fight. We're thinking about transitioning you to a big girl bed this summer, so I'm hoping this routine will help make that a little easier.
Speaking of summer (which is only two short weeks away for us!!), we're also going to try potty training. Now, I say try because I know you're still young, but you've pooped on the potty a couple times and I honestly think you're smart enough to pick up on it, so we're going to give it a shot. If it completely back fires, then so be it, but that's the plan.

Some of your favorite things at the moment include:
  • The color blue! Blue Easter dress, blue "Alayna shoes", blue bike, blue ponies, blue get the idea. If I can't get you to put in a bow or pony, I just have to find a blue one and you'll enthusiastically say, "yeah!"
  • Playing with your babies! You've been carrying around a baby, or three, all day every day for the past few weeks. They eat with you in your high chair, sit next to you in your car seat, sleep tucked under your arms, go ni-night in various places, and get dropped on their heads a lot. Their names include: Pink Baby, Elmo Baby, Dolly (that's at grandma's), White Baby, and all the rest are Other One Baby

You brought home this giant baby from Grandma's and
were mad when it didn't fit with you in your high chair
  • Singing - We sing (or count) while we brush your teeth, all the time in the car, or just while we're playing at home. It's an awesome way to cheer you up or distract you, if need be. Some of your favorites are: Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Turtle in a Box, ABCs, Row Your Boat, Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck and One - Two, Buckle My Shoe.

"Wheels on the bus go round & round"
  • The "bi-bary" and Baby Talk - We took this session off of swimming lessons to go back to Baby Talk, which is a little play group one night a week at the library. We sing songs, listen to a story, and play with other kids. You love it! You'll get up on the little stage with the other kids and dance and jump around - its so cute. :)
  • Menards - you get super excited when you hear the song on the radio, you recognize it when we drive by and when we use the bags at home! You're a professional Menards shopper:

I have a feeling this is what our whole summer is going to look like: 

And I can't wait!!!

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