Tuesday, August 16, 2016

730 Days

Today (when I wrote this) you are TWO! I cannot believe that is has been two whole years since you came into this world. :)

You are such a happy and silly little girl! You've grown a tremendous amount in this last year - one to two has been so much more fun (and faster!) that zero to one! You're now 33" tall and a whopping 21lbs 9oz.

Small, but mighty!
Things you love:
  • Your babies (and after your birthday party, you have at least seven)
  • Daniel Tiger & Super Why
  • Being outside
  • Liam (and all of your cousins, but mostly Liam!)
  • Singing songs with us
  • Swimming/anything with water
  • Foods: Chinese (especially the crab rangoon), beans, tomatoes, PB&J, strawberries,  
  • Coloring, especially with markers

Things you've learned this year:
  • How to use the potty!!!! You decided to potty train about two weeks before your second birthday. You were using a diaper at night for a few days, but quickly refused and demanded undies. You've been doing an excellent job keeping them dry at night! You've quickly learned how to go all on your own, even on the big potty, we're SO proud of you!
  • Talking - you're talking so much! You're starting to put 4-6 words together at a time, but  sometimes you still like to talk like a caveman. Your receptive language is amazing, when you want it to be...you definitely have your Daddy's ignoring capabilities :)
  • Vocabulary: You've learned all of your colors; you're very close to being able to sing your ABCs (you get messed up at L, M, N, O, P);  you can identify letters Aa, Oo, Ss, Nn and sometimes W/M; you try to count up into the 20s, sometimes skipping some numbers.
  • Independence: "Anna do it" & "Me do it" have been very frequent phrases in this house and most of the time it's music to my ears *unless we are on a time crunch!* I love that you want to do things yourself. Isn't that my whole purpose as a parent - to raise an independent, self-sufficient productive member of society? Now we've got a ways to go on the self-sufficient & productive part, but you're well on your way little lady, and it makes us so proud!
  • How to go up & down stairs independently
  • You're learning how to dress & undress yourself - bottoms are much easier for you than tops. You can also put most of your shoes on all by yourself, and 90% of the time they're on the correct feet.
  • Negotiating: You and I sometimes butt heads when I tell you to do something you don't want to do. For example, when I say "get your feet down" you reply with "one foot". Or if I tell you that you can bring one baby with when we go somewhere, you say "two babies". Along with this, you've also learned how to take a time-out....which you also try to negotiate by sitting on the opposite all where I sit you...you keep me on my toes, little one :)

Things you dislike:
  • Not getting your way.....surprise, surprise
  • Onions - even though you insist on taking my onion rings & just eat the outside, of course 
  • When your babies aren't in bed with you and tucked in correctly
  • When you're not tucked into bed correctly (it has to be covering your feet & all the way up to your chin) - OCD much?!

I love your silly, imaginative and independent personality, and I'm so excited to watch it develop even more over the next year! :-)

Love you so much!! ~Mommy

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