Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Meet Fredrich

Please help me welcome the newest member of my classroom: Fredrich
(or as some students suggest: Jimmy John Jones, Burrito, Chimichanga, or Aries...we might have to hold a vote later)

This is our new "spot cooler" - aka: air conditioner, that was installed last night and surprised me this morning!!!! I have to say I was very, very doubtful that this would ever happen, but I am SO happy and thankful! Everyone at work was so surprised, too! The custodian even said he was shocked and that I proved him wrong! :) So I apologize to my coworkers, I'm not keeping my door shut to keep you out, but I'm going to keep my cool air in as long as I can!

It was very difficult for me to put in Americans with Disabilities Act paperwork because I felt like I was putting a huge label on my forehead marked "disabled", but after the summer of mold and the huge drop in my lung function, I had to do something. I want to teach for as long as I possibly can, and Freddy is going to make my classroom environment so much healthier for me, and for my students.

I cannot thank my principal enough for helping me through this process, backing me up on this decision, and following through with everyone. I also am thankful to Tim for encouraging me to do this and supporting me through my extremely frustrating summer of mold. And of course, my school district for providing this accommodation for me to remain in the building I love and to be able to teach in a much healthier environment!

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