Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's Day! :) Just wanted to fill all of you in with a quick update on our apartment shenanigans. We're still in our stinky place, but slowly but surely I think we're making progress. We found a place to move into as soon as we sublease our current place. It's an upper apartment of a house on the other side of town. We've had a few people call and show interest in our current apartment, and actually just had our first person view it about a half an hour ago. It wasn't too promising, but it wasn't bad either. The person turned in their application and still needs to go through a few more steps, but in the meantime, we have two more viewing scheduled within the next week. 
We're trying to get out of here ASAP because it's such a terrible heath issue for me. The landlord won't let us get out of our lease early (unless we sublease), but they did offer another apartment in a different building for us to move into. We're hoping that someone will sublease within the next week or two so that we don't have to move to a different building for two or three months, then when our lease is officially up August 1st, we'd have to move again. I have also contacted my doctor and nurse practitioner who were kind enough to write a letter to the landlord expressing how much of a health concern it is for me to be living in this situation. I'm sure they're not too happy about the news I've been telling them recently, but hopefully by my next doctor's visit we'll be out of here. 

Other than all of this apartment drama, there's not too much that's been going on. I'm officially on Spring Break now, and have the next week off work! Yay for having a job in the education field! This weekend I'll be spending a lot of time with Tim's family, finally getting to see our nephew Cole (haven't seen him since Christmas), who's now 9 months old! We'll probably be doing more packing and cleaning all of next week, but that's alright with me as long as we can get out of here soon. That's about all I've got planned, but it'll be nice to just hang out for a week. 
Don't forget, Great Strides in DeKalb is coming up very quickly -- Saturday, April 9th! We're definitely making progress and recruiting a lot more people than I thought we'd get, so I can't wait to see the turn out. 
Keep your fingers crossed for good weather for Great Strides and that we'll sublease our apartment very soon so we can be in a healthy living environment! 

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