Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Vest

I got my first Vest when I was in 7th grade and I hated it! I hated that it made me cough and I would try to use every excuse in the book not to use it. It was big, bulky, very heavy and loud.
This is my freshman year of college - doing my treatments in my dorm.

Today, my Vest is portable, quiet and small.
You can see my traveling bag in the background (kind of dark).

If I didn't have the Vest, I definitely would not be as healthy as I am today.
I need to get a new size of the actual vest itself and now they have them in different colors and designs that you can put over the machine. I love this idea for children because it makes the machine a lot less scary and 'medical'. As I was looking on the Hill-Rom website, I found a couple cool links.
*To get the different "skins" for the machine
*The different color vests
*Need a reminder to take a break and cough? Or how about a Vest in Spanish?

I think it's really cool that they are adding all of these new features to this equipment. It definitely makes it more kid friendly (and adult friendly!). I'm not going to lie, this NIU skin looks pretty awesome! And since I have to get a bigger size for my vest, if they allow me, I'm totally going to pick a colored one. So, the big question is....light blue or pink?? Take a second to vote on the top, right hand side of the blog. I'll post some pictures when I get it! :-)

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