Friday, July 20, 2012

14 Days and Counting

Two more weeks til the big move! I can't believe it. I apologize to my readers about not posting for a while, it's been a little hectic around here lately and there hasn't been much to write about. We've been starting to clean and pack up our current place while Tim's still working close to 50 hours a week and I was doing summer school and getting things together for my classroom.
Today was the last day of summer school, so I have the next two weeks completely free to finish getting everything washed, cleaned, organized, and packed while Tim's working.

As far as my commitment to exercise since my last post, I've failed. I think I've gone running two or three times since then, including tonight. It has been so disgustingly hot out that I just cannot haven't forced myself to get out there. I did check with the gym across the street, but they do not have open gym hours during the summer due to the kids camp they have going on everyday. I've got two weeks to turn myself around before we move. Since I literally have nothing planned, I have NO excuses now. So here's my new plan: Run two days, rest one day, run two days, rest one day, etc. That way I can have a 'schedule' so I'm not just randomly running whenever I feel like it. So tonight was my first run, so tomorrow morning I'll be out again. Then I'll rest on Sunday and be back at it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday -- I'll most likely go in the morning so that I hopefully miss the heat. I'm not going to go crazy with making sure I run all three miles of my route, but doing lots of alternating to get my legs and lungs back in shape like they were a month ago! 

Finally, I've filled out at least 40 pages of paperwork for my new job and I'll be 'officially' approved by the Board next week. I've been in my classroom to drop some of my materials off, and I'll be going down one more time before we move to meet with the Teacher Mentor Coordinator. While filling out the pages of paperwork, among it was my insurance information. I will still be able to attend my CF clinic in Chicago! I'm very excited about that even though it'll be a several hour drive, it's completely worth it to me. :-)

Again, I apologize for the boring post and the time it's been between posts, but there really hasn't been too much exciting stuff going on. At the end of next week I'll post some pictures of my classroom when I hopefully have it more decorated/organized! Til then, here's a sneak peek: 
View from the door
Yep, those are chalkboards - but I do have a whiteboard
to the right along the other wall and one behind my desk
you can see to the left.


  1. i'm your sister and i teach second grade. saw a reply on cystic life. your classroom looks huge compared to mine. so jealous!

  2. Colleen, Congratulations on your new job! I have been following this blog for sometime but have never commented until now. I actually started my own blog :) I 'm thrilled to hear that you will still be able to see your current Dr. There is nothing like going to a Dr. that you feel so comfortable with at least that is for me! It would be hard for me to find a new Dr. as I have built such a good relationship with my CF Dr. I couldn't imagine having to find a new one!!!

  3. Pole Family: I'm going to find you on CL. I'd love to talk to another cyster-teacher!

    John: Thanks for commenting! :) I love learning that I have 'new' readers. I completely agree with you about keeping doctors. Having a wonderful relationship with my doctor and nurse means so much to me and I think it makes such a big difference on the way I'm cared for and my motivation to care for myself.
    I'll definitely be sure to check out your blog, too! :)