Monday, July 2, 2012


I've been completely slacking on exercise since I ran my first 5K a couple weeks ago. I think I've gone running only two or three times since then which is pretty sad since I was running two or three times a week before it! I was running because I wanted to make myself healthy, but also because I wanted to achieve my goal of running a 5K. Now that I've achieved that goal, I feel like I have nothing to look forward to. I know this isn't true because I know that running makes me feel better and that it's great for my body, but I feel like my motivation isn't there anymore, and I don't like it.
I can give you plenty of excuses: the one I've been using most frequently and recently is that it's been 100 degrees outside and I DO NOT want to run in that heat and humidity. True. But, I could get up early and run when it's cooler, I could be doing more running and walking intervals, I could be going back to the gym that we live right across the street from!!
Another excuse is that I've been so busy and stressed since finding out about my new job and that we're going to have to move. True. But I'm actually only working 1/2 days now that it's summer school so I've got plenty of time. And, running helps me relieve stress.
Finally, as I mentioned above - I achieved my goal of a 5K, so what am I running for now? Uh, my health, DUH! I've really let this one get away from me over the past couple weeks. I think with seeing my lung function stay the same, it kind of got me down about running. But I can't forget how much better I've felt since I've regularly started running.

But instead of sucking it up, I've let those excuses get the best of me. Not anymore. Today I read a post from a fibro's (male w/ CF) wife about getting back into the groove of exercising that's exactly what I need to be doing.

New plan of action: Take advantage of the gym across the street (especially before we have to move away from it)!!! Starting this week, I am planning on using the gym to exercise. Maybe I'm a little burnt out on running, so I might try to switch it up a little and use the elliptical for a while. Not exercising isn't going to keep my lung function stable, let alone increase it. I have absolutely no excuse that I can't fit at least 30 minutes of exercise into my schedule two or three times a week.

I'm hoping that with this post I'll be able to hold myself responsible with keeping up with exercising.

Honestly, if I "can't" do it now because I'm stressed about starting my job and moving, what's going to happen when we do move and I do start my job? Am I just going to give up and let my hard work go to waste? I can't let that happen. I need to keep myself healthy. So, if you think of it, please help me stay in line with keeping myself healthy by asking me when was the last time I went to the gym/exercised. NO excuses.


  1. YOU GO GIRL! I always have that problem after I do a race... once it's over theres nothing hanging over my head and suddenly its been a week since I've gone running! How bout signing up for a 10k or another 5k to keep you motivated? Congrats on the job and good luck with your move!!

  2. Yeah, I ended up taking a week off after my 5K, too, but not intentionally. That's when I got the news about the job and it was a very busy week. I'd love to sign up for another 5K but I honestly don't know when/where I'd do it. Maybe once we move I can look for something in the area down there. Thanks for the encouragement! You've always been a great motivator for me! :)