Saturday, October 11, 2014

Two Months Old


Dear Anna/Pumpkin/Peanut,
I know I'll probably say this every month, but I can't believe how quickly time is flying and how fast you're growing! This month (more so this last week) has been emotional for me because it was my last month home with you before going back to work. I tried to get in extra snuggles and naps before getting back into reality.

You have changed so much in just a short amount of time, it's fascinating! You are such a happy little girl, always smiling your huge smiles at everyone who talks to you...and now you've even started talking back, which I cannot get enough of! Around six-seven weeks you really started cooing and talking, and it is the absolute cutest sound ever!

You've slowly started outgrowing all of your newborn clothes and are making your way into 3 month outfits. This month we've even had a couple of comments about how big you are from people seeing you for the first time. *One person even called you chubby!...but she could only see your face because you were all wrapped up.* You're now 9lbs, 7oz and 22 1/2 inches long! At the beginning of the month you had some pretty bad baby acne, but we made sure to give you a bath every other day and wash your face on the other days which has really helped a lot. You've also started enjoying your baths much more (I now give you most of your baths), but you still hate getting lotion. I think its just that you hate being cold.

Your first trip to Jonamac
You are still nursing every two-three hours during the day and your nights vary. I'm hoping we'll fall into more of a routine/schedule with me going back to work and you going to Grandma's. This month you have been fighting us more on falling asleep, and one night cried for almost two hours because you were so tired but just wouldn't give in. Most nights you really need your pacifier to calm yourself and get to sleep, but you're still having a hard time keeping it in your mouth and then get very frustrated when it falls out, so I used to stay awake putting it back in your mouth several times before you finally fell asleep, but that could go on forever, so I thought of a new plan.

First family selfie :)
At eight weeks old, I started putting you in your room to sleep overnight, but still in your rock and play. I want you to be able to get yourself to sleep, and selfishly, I don't want to be up all night putting that silly paci back in over and over. After you eat, I've been putting you down sleepy, giving you your paci, turning on your music and walking away. I only go back in every five minutes or so if you're crying, and I'll soothe you, without picking you up, for a minute or two. I usually only have to go back in once or twice before you finally fall asleep. You typically sleep about a six-hour stretch, wake up to eat (then I pump), and then you go back down for another two hours or so until it's time to get up to get ready for Grandma's. It's been working out well and it makes me happy that you're being a big girl and sleeping in your own room.

Your first Great Strides walk - it was about 42 degrees, cloudy & windy, but we survived! :)
Speaking of Grandma's, you're doing great! We did two "trial runs" while I was still on maternity leave, when I went into work and you went to Grandma's so we could get the routine/schedule figured out. You do an excellent job in the car, usually sleeping, but sometimes just awake and looking around. I miss you so much while I'm at work, but I know that Grandma is taking very good care of you, and I get lots of smiles when you come home. :)

You and Danner at the Werner family reunion
This has been a busy month for our little family: We've gone camping; you came with me to your first CF appointment and met Dr. Dowell; we went to Jonamac with Linda, Roger, Aunt Elise, Cole and Liam; you met some of our DeKalb friends; we went to your first Great Strides walk; to a family reunion; and started going to Grandma's while Mommy and Daddy are at work. You're such a good little traveler already, usually just sleeping the whole time. Two hours is about your max in the car seat, which is fine because we stop and get you out to feed and change you around that time anyway. I absolutely LOVE being your mommy and am looking forward to watching you grow and learn!

Love, Mommy

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