Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Life of a CF Mommy

Just nebbing Cayston while baby-wearing (Anna ~ one month)
My entire life I've dreamt of being a mommy, and I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to live out that dream each and every day! It really never crossed my mind that I couldn't/wouldn't be a mother because of my CF, and I'm very glad my disease hasn't held me back. With that said, it can sometimes be challenging working full time, taking care of an infant and taking care of myself...but I remind myself that this is normal & many people do it everyday. :) My biggest key to success is time management- thankfully that has always been one of my strong points.

Nursing while at clinic :-) ~9/25/14
The first week or two, after Anna was born, was probably the most difficult with keeping up with my treatments. Luckily my lung function was stable at the end of my pregnancy, so I felt really good lung-wise after delivery. I'll admit, though, I probably only did a handful of my treatments in those first two weeks because I just wanted to spend time snuggling my brand new baby. But one day, Tim finally called me out on it and I've only missed one treatment since.

CF mams & their babies :-)
For the last few years, my main motivation to getting/keeping myself healthy was to get pregnant. Now that Anna is finally here, I can't throw my health away! My motivation just has to adjust - I want and need to be the healthiest version of myself, for as long as I possibly can,  for my family. Treatments are not optional. I hope that I can show Anna that even though her Mommy has CF, I don't let it define who I am as a person or the way I live my life.

Our most recent picture together ~ 10/8/14

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