Sunday, November 9, 2014

Three Months Old


To my little pumpkin,
You're now a quarter of a year old, growing so big right before our eyes, and its the absolute best thing in the world! You are one of the happiest babies I know. You're constantly smiling and talking and looking around at anything and everything you can see.

You love to look at toys and books, but what you love the most is smiling and talking to people (including your own reflection). You have such a big, wide-open mouth smile and its just adorable that people can't help but smile back.

This month we borrowed a mobile from Aunt Elise and you love it! It spins and plays music, and you get SO excited when you watch it. Your legs start kicking, your arms go flying and you start smiling and screeching with excitement.

You're starting to tolerate your tummy time a tiny bit more and we've noticed that your neck muscles are getting so strong. You're able to support your head much better when being held upright and you're able to lift your head up higher when you're on your belly. Your legs are very strong as well. You enjoy being held in a standing position on our laps and you frequently kick us (or Ozzie because he's always close by you) when you're propped up on our legs. And you also have a good, strong grip when you're able to get something in your hands...when they're not in your mouth.

Speaking of that, you've been chewing on your hands/fists and drooling like crazy this month! I had no idea that a two month old baby would drool so much, but apparently your salvitory glands are maturing causing you to drool - so much so that you need to wear a bib pretty much all the time otherwise your shirts would be soaked.

At the beginning of this month, I moved your Rock & Play into your room for you to sleep at night. For the first week, you'd go down between 9-10 and wake up around 3am to eat, then go back to sleep until 5:30 when it was time to get up and get ready for Grandma's. But after that first week, you now sleep from 10pm to 5-5:30am each night and its been wonderful!

I've been propping you on your side this month, over night,
because I'm paranoid about you developing a flat head.
It's actually helped and you seem to enjoy it.
This month we celebrated your first, and very cold, Halloween. You wore a cute, glow-in-the-dark skeleton onsie to Grandma's during the day, and then we dressed you up in your owl costume, from Uncle Chris, in the evening. We stopped by to see Nana and Papa and the headed to Kirk and Lisa's to spend the evening with Grandma, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Elise, Cole, Liam, Jake, Max and Jen. We stayed inside and cuddled while the boys froze outside trick-or-treating.

You've been with Grandma Dorothy for a whole month now and you've only cried for her once! She said it came out of no where, and by the time she got up to check on you, you were already calming down...we're thinking it must have been a gas bubble or something. Either way, you do such a wonderful job when you're over there. She said that you love to watch the kids run around and are always so relaxed. Its so great knowing that you're so comfortable when you have to be away from Mommy and Daddy while we work during the day. Grandma is the best - she takes such good care of you. :)

Love you so much! ~Mommy

Here are some more cute pictures from the month:
Happy shopper


First escalator ride at Scheels

First Halloween

So cute with Daddy

Go Huskies

Hanging with Grandpa

Just riding Ozzie

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  1. Wait... is that Huskies as in Northern Illinois Huskies?? I started reading your blog a couple months ago when I found it on the CF Blogroll. I live in Illinois and my husband has CF. He also happens to be a teacher. I went through IVF to have our son and I'm currently pregnant with baby boy number 2 after a third round of IVF. Anyway, I just had to comment since there were so many similarities. :) I wouldn't wish CF or IVF on anyone, but it's always nice to "meet" someone who can relate.

    Congratulations on baby Anna and I hope you're enjoying motherhood! :)