Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Day in the Life of a CF Mommy

After rereading my previous post, I realized that I trailed off and didn't go in depth of what its like day-to-day as a CF mommy. So here's a peek into a typical work day for me:

5:00am - Wake up & take a shower

5:20 - Make and pack lunch, set up pumping parts for later....only if Anna isn't awake

5:30 - Get Anna changed, dressed and fed

6:00 - Pump while watching Anna while Tim gets ready

6:30 - Say 'bye' to my baby then do my treatments

7:10 - Clean nebs and pump parts, eat breakfast, pack lunch, pack pump and empty bottles, brush teeth, get dressed

7:45 - Go to work

8:00 - Pump at work

8:25 - Get last minute things ready for class, set out breakfast for students

8:40 - Students come in & the day begins :)

11:00 - Assistant watches the class for recess so I can pump (and neb Cayston if its an "on'' month)

11:30 - Class bathroom break & get ready for lunch

12:00 - Lunch

12:30 - Teach

1:00 - Plan time (most days) = pump time

1:30: Teach

3:30 - Kids are gone, time to plan and prep for the next days/week

4:30/5:00 - Go home - clean pump parts, bottles, do dishes, etc. OR try to get treatments done by 5:30.

5:30 - Anna & Tim come home! Nurse Anna :)

6:00 - Treatments if they didn't get done earlier, or cuddle/play with my baby! :)

Anna plays with her toys on the floor next to me while I'm doing my Vest

7:30 - Nurse then cuddle and play...and probably fall asleep on the couch; don't forget the bath if it's bath night

9:30 - Nurse, put Anna to bed and crash in my bed for the night

Then do it all again the next day!

I absolutely love the life of a mommy! Adding CF on top of mommy-ing, nursing and teaching can be a lot some days, but I'm learning to manage my time pretty well. And being the social, busy people we are, we usually are going somewhere or seeing someone one day of the weekend, so I really look forward to days off work and lazy weekends with my precious little one. Can't wait for summer break!

The BEST part of my day :-)

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  1. You're amazing! It is wonderful that you are healthy enough to sustain this kind of a schedule. It's a ton to do even w/o CF & treatments. Keep taking good care of yourself so you can take care of that darling baby. I know you don't need my advice - your good habits are so thoroughly ingrained. Enjoy your wonderful family - again, you're amazing!