Friday, February 13, 2015

Six Months Old

Towards the end of this month, when you would smile and get excited,
you would scrunch up your face like this and make panting noises
through your nose. Its hilarious!
Happy half birthday to the happiest baby I know!! I know I say it every month, that I can't believe you're getting so big, but it truly amazes me how quickly time is going by, but we are loving every second of it. When I look back at pictures from when you were born, I can't believe you were that tiny, and sometimes I miss it, but I love watching you grow and learn. Each month you get bigger, smarter, sillier, happier (if that's even possible) and more mobile which is so exciting to me. You are now 13lbs, 10oz and 25.5" long - long and lean. :) You still eat every two-three hours during the day and sleep through the night, typically from 8:30-5:30 on weekdays, and sometimes you'll sleep in on the weekends. You're still not the best napper, and probably have gone an hour at the longest in your crib (except for after your six month shots when you when a little over two hours), but that's okay with me.

This last month was filled with a lot more developments for you. You're now able to roll from your back to you belly, typically over your right arm, and you've started rolling all over the place. Its hard to keep you on the blankets any more, but it's fun to watch you roll around to grab toys or try to catch the cats. You love to try to grab them and ''pet'' them. Archie still usually keeps his distance while Ozzie tolerates your hair pulling and usually leans into it and rubs on you. He's also really good about walking away when he's had enough. I think you two are going to be best friends. :-)

You don't keep the movements for only when you're awake, either. Right before you were able to roll from your back to your belly, you started sleeping on your side. Once you were able to roll over, you even started sleeping on your belly even though I'd put you down on your back. You also figured out that you can control your legs/feet and that you're able to feel and kick things, so you frequently make your way to a side of the crib so you can feel it with your feet, which of course, has ended up in you getting your legs stuck several times. A few times you did this before you fell asleep and you'd start fussing and crying until we came to help you (not without taking a picture first, of course).

For about a week, right after you turned five months, you would wake up in the middle of the night around 1am and 4am and just talk to yourself. At first I was worried that our wonderful days of sleeping through the night were coming to an end, but luckily it only lasted a week or so. You never fussed, so except for the first time it happened and I went in to rock you back to sleep, I just let you talk yourself back to sleep.

First time front-facing in the Bjorn
More things you've been working on this month include trying to sit up and blowing raspberries. You're not quite ready to sit up yet because you still fling yourself backwards and sometimes fold in half when you're reaching forward. You've been sticking your tongue out a lot and really trying to figure out how to blow raspberries, but you can never get your blow and tongue coordinated together, but it's super cute watching you try.

Getting too big and wiggly for the swing
You still babble a lot and do your high pitched screeching when you're playing or talking. We're borrowing the exersaucer from Grandma, which you love, and you learned how to drop toys off the tray then you lean over as far as you can to try to see them. You've also become very attached to me and have really stepped up the stranger danger (which your doctor says you're going through a little early), but I think you just really love your momma! Sometimes Daddy will do (and you two do have a strong bond, too), but if you want me and I walk by and go into another room, you're very likely to bust out into a tear-filled cry until you see me again, or I come pick you up. Mommy = food. :-)

Drumming on mommy's head & sitting on my shaking vest during treatments.
You love to sit/lay in your rock and play when I do my treatments.
I turn the vibrations on for you so we can shake together :)
It's been a busy, but really fun month! I love you at this age and as always, am looking forward to the many milestones ahead.
Love you, pumpkin!

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  1. What a cute child! And how amazing that you be a mom with CF!