Friday, March 20, 2015

Seven Months Old

This has been another month full of development for you, and its been so exciting; you're getting to be such a big girl.

We started swim class this month and it is adorable! We've only gone a few times so far, but I'm enjoying it. Your first class, you weren't so sure. When we were sitting in the shallow water before class began, you were whining and clinging to me, but once we got into the deeper water and started the songs/games, you relaxed a bit. You were pretty serious, maybe 1/2 smiled once, but no tears and you were all smiles when we were done. Then next time you were much more relaxed and even smiled a couple times. And this last time, you were so much more comfortable- you were so excited, kicking your legs, waving your arms, smiling and laughing, putting your face closer to the water - it was so cute. I also dunked you under three times during our Ring Around the Rosie song. You were quite startled at first, but I made sure to be very excited for you when you came up, so I think that kept you from freaking out. I can't wait to see how you'll be by the time the class is over; you're becoming such a little water baby.

We gave you rice cereal for the first time on Valentine's Day and you loved it! You seemed to know exactly what to do with the spoon, too. Since then, we've been giving you rice cereal a few times a week, and you've also had avocado once, too.

Not too long after introducing you to food, we started really practicing how to sit up. Before, when I would try to have you sit, you'd typically just fold in half forward or fling yourself backward pretty quickly. One night I decided to practice with you on our bed, to prevent head trauma, and you just stayed sitting up! I was so surprised at how quickly you were able to pick it up and how long you were able to sit all by yourself before falling back on to the bed. Its like you just knew how over night - I was so proud of you!

You look like such a big girl now when you sit in your room on your mat, or in your pack n play, playing with your toys.

Of course you had to show off your 'new trick' to Linda and Roger when we stayed with them for the weekend. Mom and Dad went to a show, so Linda and Roger were able to watch you for the evening. Unfortunately you weren't in the best mood because you'd been having blow outs for days. Come to find out, its because you're cutting your first tooth! On Monday morning, before we left Linda & Roger's, I decided to feel your gums and was surprised when I actually felt (and could barely see) sharp little white bumps coming through! Its been impossible to get a picture of, or really even to look at, because you've been sticking your tongue out constantly, I'm guessing to feel it yourself.

That same weekend, we went to Ryan and Kristen's baby shower, and Karissa & Ryan's baby shower. Karissa's water broke the night of her shower and we were able to go meet sweet little Adelaide on Monday before heading home.

Now here we are, you're seven months old today and you've been talking non-stop the past couple days. At the beginning of the month you were babbling 'mama' over and over, with some 'baba' and 'lala' thrown in. Now you make so many sounds and just put them all together to tell us long, loud stories.

You're getting so big and I just love you more and more each day! Love, Mommy

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