Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eight Months Old

Happy 8 months baby girl! This month has been so much fun! You've had lots of major developments and discoveries. :-)

You now have two teeth on the bottom (though they're not completely grown in yet) and I think one on the top is trying to come through. Luckily you haven't had a terrible time while teething. You're a bit more tired than usual and sometimes a little fussy, but nothing awful. Your teeth are so tiny and they make your smile that much cuter!

This was taken right before we discovered your second tooth coming
in & it was the best I could get :)
This month, you decided you don't like to cuddle as much. When you're tired, you'd rather just be put down in your crib with your paci to fall asleep on your own. It makes me a little really sad to miss out on cuddling, but it also makes me proud that you're becoming a bit more independent and grown up.

Sometimes you're really good at playing independently either on your mat or in your pack and play, and other times you just hate being left alone. You're enjoying tummy time a lot more now that you're much more mobile. You started out by just rolling around, then went to rolling, scooting backwards and spinning - which surprisingly gets you around pretty quick. And just within the last week or so, you started army crawling! Its so cute, but you only do it if you really want something, like a crumb on the floor or your worm head toy. It takes a lot of energy and effort, but its adorable watching you work your little body. You haven't quite figured out how to get up on your hands and knees yet, but we're really working on it every day.

One day, at the end of March, you were taking a nap in your crib while I was doing my treatments and you woke up before I was done. You were fussing and crying in your crib until I finished and was able to come get you. When I walked in your room, you were sitting up! I have no idea how you did that all by yourself, but I was so surprised and proud! I really wanted to take a picture, but I decided not to because you had already been crying for a few minutes and I didn't want to make you more upset by leaving to grab my phone. Since then, a majority of the time when I put you on your belly, you push yourself into the sitting position now. You still haven't mastered going from sitting to army crawling (without falling over) yet.

We've had a lot of fun this month now that the weather has started to warm up. We've gone on more walks and have even been to the park a few times. The first time Daddy and I took you to the park, we put you in the swing. You really could have cared less about the swing because you were too busy watching and trying to talk to the other kids on the playground. You love looking out the window and/ being outside & looking around at the cars, people and animals that go by.

For about a week or so you knew how to clap, sort of - it was so cute! Whenever we would say "Yay!" you would try your best to clap your hands, but now you usually just wave your arms up and down and make squealing and yay noises. :)

Speaking of noises, you babble non-stop using all sorts of sounds, and 'eh' when you are lazy or tired. And you're a very loud eater. We've been giving you more baby food and solids and you love it! When you're being fed with a spoon, you get very excited and make lots of "mmmm" and "omm omm" sounds while you eat...and even when you're waiting for the next bite. You've tried eggs, a tomato, watermelon, apples (a favorite), cantaloupe, applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes and even a little bit of hamburger one night.


You LOVE swimming class and are getting so comfortable in the water.
You like to kick, splash and put your face in the water (mouth open, of course)
This is your latest discovery, so we had to take out the raised
platform in your pack & play before you flip over the edge

This month has been so exciting watching you figure out how to start moving! I can only imagine what's to come in the next month and I am SO looking forward to it! We love you so much, pumpkin!

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