Saturday, August 1, 2015


Wrote this last week & forgot to post, oops! :)

This summer is flying by! Sadly, I'll have to report back to work in just under a month, and to top it off, we're starting an hour earlier this year. But until then, I plan to soak up every minute with my growing baby almost one year old! We've had our fair share of lazy days mixed with busy, fun days this summer.

Anna and I have gone on many walks, stopped at the park numerous times, sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus (among others) more times than I can count, read many books, gone swimming, played with sidewalk chalk, gone to the zoo, and visited friends & family. Having the summers off being a mom is going to be the best!

Health-wise, I've been feeling much better! I just finished up a round of Cayston which always leaves me feeling good. I have my clinic appointment next week, so I really hope the numbers reflect how I'm feeling. Even though I haven't exercised as much as I probably could/should have, my lungs are feeling clear. And best of all, I haven't had any episodes of hemoptysis since the beginning of June! Yay! I still have no idea why all of those episodes happened, but I'm so glad they've stopped and I hope they stay away for good!

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