Monday, February 8, 2016

18 Months Old

A year and a half, how can it be?! I feel like we just celebrated your first birthday, and the last six months have flown by!!

I'm pretty sure I said it in your last post about you being a "full-blown toddler", but I think I was wrong. NOW you're definitely there, tantrums and all. :-)

My little reader
You are transitioning from two naps to one per day, which means you can get quite cranky in the evenings and tend to cry about little things, but usually it's not too hard to distract you with something else. Other than some evenings, you are just the happiest little girl!

Here are some things about you at this age that I just don't want to forget:
    • No more paci!!! We got rid of it the second week of my winter break and it wasn't too bad. The first night I cut the tip off which really pissed you off. So the next night I just didn't give it to you at all. Any time you'd ask for/about it, we'd remind you that pacis were for babies and that you were a big girl. I also had you throw one of them in the garbage, so that helped, too.
    • You're so smart. Sure every parent thinks their child is smart, but I am just amazed by how much you pick up, remember, and recall in the correct context. Ex: family members, animal names and sounds, objects, etc.
    • You talk so much! You're starting to put 2-3 words together and you're usually pretty easy to understand.
    • This is definitely the stage of "monkey-see, monkey-do". You have a ton of language/words on your own, but you also repeat everything - words and actions!
    • You love to read books, especially the ones Aunt Katrina got you for Christmas with the flaps. You also enjoy animal books, dinosaur books, and The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. One page in there I read it "slllllooooooooowww feeeeet, quick feet" in a slow and quick voice which you love and mimic every time!
    • You're obsessed with "meme" which is what you call chapstick. You like to carry it around constantly and get really mad if we won't let you have it. It drives me crazy and I'm really tempted to get rid of it just like the paci! *Update, out of sight, out of mind for about the last week, yay!
    • You love Ozzie and sometimes Archie ("Itchy"). You have to find them and hug them each night before bed("bet"). Ozzie tends to love you back, but will let you know when you've bothered him a bit too much, Archie still runs past you and keeps his distance as much as possible. We're trying to teach/remind you to be nice ("mice") instead of smacking or pulling his tail. :)
    • If you don't know the name of something you just called it "iss" for this.
    • When you see or hear something that you don't know you say "sat?" for what's that?
    • You don't use the word no and answer yeah ("dah") to every question.
    • You love to sit with me while I'm doing my treatments and taking my medicine ("messies"). You enjoy looking at pictures on my tablet and listening to your voice vibrate.
    • We started swim lessons again in the toddler class and you're doing so well.
    • You know the capital letter A and sometimes O, and you can count to two, and think everything is the color blue. :)
These last few months have flown by and I love this stage!! I love watching you discover new things. I love playing with you and listening to you play. Your imagination is starting to grow - you love playing with Grandma's kitchen and you've started feeding your little baby. I just want to soak up every minute with you because I can't believe how fast you're growing! 

This will be your last "months" post because saying anything over 18 months just sounds weird. You're officially a year and a half...and then I'm sure I'll find myself saying "she'll be two this summer" and "almost two" sooner than I can even believe! We love you so much baby little girl!

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  1. She is so cute and I love all the baby talk! It is great you are writing them down because it is amazing how quickly you forget the cute way they say things!