Monday, February 29, 2016

This One's About CF

Did you know this is a CF blog?! It sure doesn't look like it too much from my recent posts, but I like that. It shows me (and my readers) that CF isn't the only or main part of my life. Either way, here's a quick update on the CF side of things.
  • Tomorrow marks three months of 100% compliance with my treatments!!
  • Last time I posted was after my clinic appointment which went very well. Since then, I've received my blood work and chest x-ray results which came back great. All blood work is fine, A1C is 5.6 (woo hoo!!) and my chest x-ray was unchanged from last time. :-)
  • About two weeks ago I started coming down with what I thought was going to be another chest infection and another round of Cipro. It started on a Thursday/Friday and I felt like crap by Saturday with a nasty, dry cough. I made sure to do extra treatments Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help kick whatever was developing. Thankfully I was also due to start my Cayston, so that was delivered on Saturday. Between the extra treatments and Cayston, I am so happy to say that I was able to fight back and NOT have to go on oral antibiotics!!!
  • I feel this is absolutely attributed to Kalydeco, in my opinion, because it's helping me stay so stable!!
  • This made me so excited for two reasons-
    • 1) I don't like the way Cipro makes me feel sometimes
    • 2) The less oral antibiotics I take, the less resistant my lungs/body become to them, which means they'll be a good option for me longer. Once my body is resistant to oral antibiotics, that's when I have to use IV antibioticsI am very lucky to not be resistant to any medications, especially at this age!!
  • To keep it this way, I have to keep up with my health, but I also need your help! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's greatest fundraiser is right around the corner: Great Strides!
    • The money that is raises goes directly to research for new medications and treatments.
    • The more money we raise, the more of a positive impact we can make!
    • My team, Colleen's Friends and Family will be walking in at least two walks this spring - DeKalb (April 16) and Bloomington (May 12).
    • My DeKalb fundraising page is:
    • I also have an event on Facebook and a link on my Team Facebook page.
    • Finally, take a look at downloading the FREE Great Strides app on your phone. It's super easy to use, has all information you need and has easy ways to update and ask for donations via social media! :)

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