Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Process of Getting Cipro

Thursday: I texted my doctor to let her know I was feeling off. I wasn't quite sure if it was allergies or an infection coming on. The plan was to have her call in a script for Cipro so I could have it on hand for the weekend in case I started feeling worse.

Friday: While at work, I felt like crap! My cough was changing and my sinuses were clogged. I decided I should run by Walgreens and grab the Cipro and begin taking it that evening. Unfortunately, when I got there, they said my doctor never called it in....ugh! So I got in touch with my doctor and she resubmitted the order. I called Walgreens later that evening to pick it up (even if I could just get a partial), but they said my insurance was putting it through mail order - seriously?! Who gets antibiotics through the mail?! How is that convenient at all???
So I asked the pharmacist if there was any way I could just get some pills to last me over the weekend, hoping my Cipro would come via snail-mail Monday. She was able to sell me SIX pills for $24! I had to take them because I knew letting this infection brew over the weekend without the extra antibiotics wasn't going to help.

Saturday: I took my second and third dose on Saturday. My cough was in the cough-constantly-with-no-mucus-production stage and it sucked!

Sunday: Took two more doses today.

Monday: Took my last dose Monday morning before work hoping there would be a package on my door when I arrived home with the rest of my Cipro.....of course there wasn't. This meant that I missed Monday evening and Tuesday morning's dose.

Tuesday: Lots of rattling in my chest, but it's tight and very hard to have a productive cough unless I practically choke/gag. Thankfully when I got home, the full dose of my Cipro was in my mailbox. I'll be starting back on it this evening.

**Moral of the story, MAIL ORDER PHARMACY SUCKS! It's NOT convenient to get a dose of antibiotics in the mail!!!! "Normal people" don't go to the doctor for an ear infection, strep, etc and get their prescriptions four days later in the mail. I just don't understand why this decision was made and who made it - was it insurance? Was it the mail order pharmacy? I suppose I could call both and figure it out, but I'm not in the best mood about it right now and do not feeling like trying to figure it out. All I know is, at least I now have six extra pills (since I had to buy some) from this mailed dose, that next time I feel an infection coming on, I'll be sure to put it in my mail order VERY early!

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