Monday, June 25, 2012

Complete 180!

I cannot believe how much our world has changed in the past week! It's beginning to sink in that I'll have my own classroom in the fall, but it's also crazy how much we need to do between now and then.
*Find a place to live -- kind of tricky when we live so far away
*Pack -- ewww, I hate packing! Anyone have any extra boxes??
*Set up my classroom -- The best part!!!
*Find a new CF doctor...possibly -- I'm going to my CF clinic this Thursday, so we'll be talking then - more to come on that later this week.
*Help Tim find a job
*Figure out new insurance, transfer prescriptions to local pharmacy, etc.

I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I found out I got the job, but now it's all of these extra things that make me feel a little weighed down again. But at the same time, I'm so excited so it's kind of like a happy stress....if there is such a thing. :-)

Oh, I've also been kind of really slacking on my running this week. It's been so crazy, and really hot, that I just haven't forced myself to get back out there after my 5K. Finally, this evening it was gorgeous outside I made myself go for a run and it felt great! I started off walking because I had a cramp in my left side, so I walked the first mile, but then Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" came on and I just had to run! I ended up running about another two miles on top of the one I walked and my legs didn't even hurt! I think I am finally getting stronger and building up some endurance! :) As I mentioned above I have my next clinic appointment on Thursday, so I'm trying to get all the calories I can get and get as much mucus out of my lungs as possible. I'm very anxious to see what my PFTs look like on Thursday!

And now for the best, most exciting, part of my post! My friend Kristen and I went to a sidewalk sale at a teacher store today - the first time I've been to a teacher store as a real teacher! - and everything outside was 50% off! WOO HOO! Here's what I got:

Bulletin board boarders, cute little reading posters for my reading area,
an awesome plan book, literacy centers book, cute card game (good center),
and name tags that I can put their picture on (great for learning everyone's name)
The basic necessities
Again, more basics
I saw this and had to get it! I just love it!
Great way to teach the kids nice things to say
to their friends instead of always 'good job'. 
My sideways alphabet. Don't know why it's turned this way & don't know how to fix it, sorry.
It's called "Amusing Animals Alphabet" because the pictures are silly, but it has
an animal to go with each letter and it's colorful. :)
This came with the alphabet, little alliteration stories to go with each letter.
I don't think I'll put these up on the wall, but they'll be fun to read together. 
And this was my big splurge! It's called "morning meeting solution"
and comes with calendar, weather, 100 chart, place value for how many days of school,
shapes, colors, and a couple other little posters = AWESOME!
Can't wait to put it all together and hang it up. I need to get lots of Velcro for all of it!
And this is my second favorite thing I bought today! It's a
welcome sign for my classroom door! The frogs are so hilarious!
It comes with all of these cut outs. I'd like mine to say "Welcome to
Mrs. Veitengruber's Kindergarten Class" but I'll probably
change my mind a million times. 
I'm super excited about everything I bought today! And it was all 50% off!! So it looks like I'm not going to have a specific theme for my room, but I guess I would consider it fun and colorful! I feel like I got a lot of good basics today and don't plan on buying much of anything else until I'm in my classroom and see what I have and what I still need. I can't wait to hang all of this up and I will for sure be taking pictures once it's all put together. Only 57 more days til the first day of Kindergarten! :-)


  1. I was thinking that maybe you can run with the animal theme (pun intended!) since you already have the animal themed alphabet and welcome sign. Congratulations on your new job and I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures in the fall! :)
    Take care,
    Lauren D.

  2. That was us this winter. My husband got offered a job Christmas weekend and three weeks later we had moved - what made it even crazier was that for 1.5 of those weeks we were on vacation! It was INSANE. But we survived. ;) As for finding a place to live, we took a quick trip (it's about 5 hours south of where we used to live) and stayed here overnight, looked at a couple of places I'd found online before, and signed a contract. It definitely was good to see places in person.