Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feelin' on Top of the World!

Today, I am able to cross one of my goals off my list! I completed my first 5K without stopping to walk, in just over 35 minutes!!!

It's official: Runner #196
I will admit, I was extremely nervous before I first started because I have been working towards this goal for months! I arrived about 15 minutes before start time, got all registered, then just hung out with Tim until the race began. There were three sections to choose from for where to line up: competitive runners, recreational runners, and walkers. I chose the second section because my personal goal was to just finish the race without stopping to walk.

There were over 750 registered runners and walkers - kids from 5 years old to adults in their 50s and 60s, it was so cool! When the gun went off to begin I was ready to go! Unfortunately there were a ton of people in the way so the start was slow. But once I was going for a few minutes, it seemed to thin out a little and I was able to find a steady pace for myself. I got the chills running past people who were clapping and cheering us on, it was such an amazing feeling!

There were several people in the neighborhood we ran through that had sprinklers and hoses going into the street, so I ran through as many of those as I could. I also grabbed two cups of water along the way - but it is very hard to drink water while running, so I kind of just splashed it on my face and kept going.

There was not once along the route where I felt the need to walk! My legs never hurt the entire time! I definitely fed off the energy of everyone around me and I was just so proud of myself for doing this! It was such an amazing experience and what a great feeling it was coming around that track knowing that I was going to finish feeling excellent. When I finished I wasn't completely out of breath or hurting - I felt like I could have gone around the track another time or two! Needless to say, I'm very proud of myself for accomplishing my goal today and I'm look forward to finding another local 5K to complete this summer. :-)
Crossing the finish line!!


  1. amazing. amazing. so proud of you for sticking with it. it really is amazing how much energy you gain from the crowd. and 35 minutes is great!!! Can't wait to hear about the next 5K.

  2. That is wonderful! Congrats! I started walking in Feb and hope to do my first 5K in November. I have some other issues on top of CF, so training has been tough. But seeing your post has just given me another does of "I can do it" energy! Ps. I like your blog a lot too. :-)