Friday, June 8, 2012

Kinder Quotes

It's been a while since I've posted some good kinder quotes. I know there have been more but I've been terrible about writing them down this school year. I've been working on this short list for a few months now and I completely forgot it was in my 'drafts' folder. Sorry it's so short, enjoy! :-)

*We were watching the presidential speech to students and when Obama walked on screen, one of the students yelled, "Shhh, it's the principal!"

*A student farted while on the carpet. Instead of saying 'excuse me', he chose to say: "That was a mega fart!"

*"This classroom is a pain in my head!" I'm guessing a combination of 'a pain in the ass' and a 'headache' -- he chose his words wisely.

*A child wasn't following directions so I made him go to the end of the line in the hallway and he yelled at me, "I'm going to call the SPCA on you!" (The ASPCA is American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

*One of my students decided to moon a couple of kids in front of a sub while I was at the back of the classroom helping other kids. When the sub came and told me about it I was shocked! When I asked the student what he was doing, he replied with a huge grin and his hands on his hips, "I was shaking my booty!" He, of course, is the cutest kid in class and it was SO hard not to laugh and to discipline him!!

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  1. LOL! This gave me the BEST laugh! I love the things kids say. I think the principal one is honestly my favorite. Hilarious! :) Thank you so much for sharing, and man I'm glad you've returned to the world wide web! :)