Thursday, April 18, 2013

Positive Thoughts Thursday

Sometimes I feel like I use this blog to vent/complain about things going on in my life, and I don't want to continue with all of that negativity. So each week I'm compiling a list of positive, happy, lucky, fortunate things that are going on in my life or anywhere around the world.

  • I'm thankful that Tim & I are still renting our house (in case there was any damage) and that we are not affected by this crazy amount of rain and flooding going on throughout the Midwest.
  • A few weeks ago I wrote about how a pregnant cat wandered onto Tim's dad's property. Well this morning she had 6 little kittens! I'm so excited that we'll be able to have a little kitten this summer. I think I'm calling 'dibs' on the brown, black & white one. :-)
  • Next week's Thursday post may come on Friday due to my next CF clinic appointment being on Thursday and then we're having a Spring Carnival for our school Thursday evening -- that's going to be a long, busy day!
  • This isn't really a positive thought, but I wanted to share this again since I didn't get any responses last time: If you could as an adult CFer any question about their life, what would it be?

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  1. How does it feel to know there is a drug out there (Kalydeco) that will extend your life for years to come? I think this would be something good to wrie about :)