Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jeremy Locke

The world lost a good man early this morning and my heart is breaking. There are so many emotions running through my head, but mostly anger and sadness. I'm angry that Jeremy was only given 29 years on this Earth. I'm angry that CF and pneumonia teamed up against him. I'm angry that he was never given his second chance. I'm sad that he was only married to Jessie for just over three months. I'm sad that the last time we saw him was on his wedding day. I'm angry and sad that Jessie is going through this.

I'm happy (and lucky) to have known Jeremy and that I call him my friend. I'm happy that we got to live across the hall from Jessie & Jeremy for a year and got to know each other. I'm happy that Jessie decided to wear a Great Strides t-shirt to class so that I could use it as a conversation starter which has led to years of friendship. I'm so happy that we attended Jessie and Jeremy's wedding in September because it was the most love-filled wedding I have ever been to!

I hate you, CF. I hate you for taking away my friend and making his young wife a widow. Watching you take Jeremy so quickly makes me want to kick your ass even harder than I am now - to show you that you can't keep doing this!

Please keep Jessie and Jeremy's family in your thoughts and prayers as we wrap up this year and as they grieve, mourn and celebrate the life of Jeremy.


  1. I'm so sorry my dearest. This disease makes it hard to reconcile these events. I'm keeping his family and friends in my prayers. The only way I've learned to deal with losing friends with CF is to honor them by doing everything I can to stay healthy and find a cure. Its all we can do. Until that day arrives, we must love each other, support each other and cherish our memories.

  2. I am so sorry! Sending peace and healing to both you and Jeremy's family. I am with you, I HATE CF.