Thursday, July 17, 2014

35 Weeks

Friday, July 11 - 35 weeks
Today, Rhonda and I met at school to set up my classroom furniture. We made a lot of progress, but I'll have to go back at least once more before the school year starts. I also met with my sub to start figuring out everything for the beginning of the year. Thankfully she told me that my maternity leave time is my time to relax with you, and that she wants to do as much as she can on her own while she's in my room...yay! I'm glad she's willing to jump right in this year.

Monday, July 14 - 35w, 3d
Developmentally, this week you're about 'ready'. Your kidneys are fully developed and your liver can now start to process waste. Your hearing is fully developed (although you'll respond best to high pitch sounds right now), your circulatory and musculoskeletal systems are complete and your lungs are still maturing a bit - the longer you stay in there, the better it is for your lungs. Since most of your developing is complete, you're main job is to keep gaining weight so that you're able to regulate your body temperature here in the outside world.

Today one of my coworkers bought a book shelf that Daddy made, so that freed up some space in the living room. As soon as her and her husband left, I pulled your pack n play into the living room, added the changing pad attachment and stocked it with a few diapers and wipes. Now your room is a bit less cluttered. :) I'm trying to wait on packing my hospital bag until after my appointment on Thursday, just to see what they say. Being a day shy of 36 weeks then, I'm curious if they're going to check my cervix yet. I'll most likely pack the bag Thursday after the appointment because we're going to be out of town the next two weekends, so I'm going to try to convince Daddy that I'm not crazy for wanting to bring our bag and your car seat....just in case. It wouldn't do us any good to just have your base in the car.

Thursday, July 17 - 35w, 6 d
Just got home from my appointment today and it went well. They did not check my cervix and said they don't think I'll be going into labor any time soon because I haven't shown any signs and haven't had any contractions. I'll be bringing all of your stuff with this weekend, anyway, but I'm thinking we probably won't need it.
They did the Group B strep test which was just a quick swab down below. If I test positive (which one in four women do), then they'll give me antibiotics through my IV during labor & delivery so that you don't catch it. If they didn't treat me for it, you could catch it and end up with meningitis or pneumonia which could be very dangerous on your new little body.
You did great for your ultrasound today, the tech said you were being "very cooperative". We saw you do lots of movements, you practiced your breathing and I still have a good amount of fluid, so I didn't have to do a non-stress test. Your heart rate was 171bpm and my weight was 127.8lbs. I asked the doctor if they were concerned at all because I haven't gained any weight pretty much my entire third trimester and he said, "I don't care. As long as the baby is growing, that's all that matters." I was very glad to hear that. Now we'll see what Dr. Dowell says about it tomorrow from the CF side of things...
I'll be seeing her tomorrow, I'm assuming for the last time before I have you and I'm curious to see what my PFTs look like. Coming off of Tobi I didn't feel so hot, but now that I've been on Cayston for a week, they're feeling a little better. Even with you being head way down now, I never really felt that "dropping relief" the some pregnant women get, but that's okay because I know you'll be out soon and then my lungs will have much more room to expand again.

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