Monday, July 7, 2014

33 Weeks

Saturday, June 28 - 33w, 1d
Daddy and I (mostly Daddy) have been working machines today! I feel like I've been nesting for a while now, pretty much since finishing school a month ago, but I feel like its kicked into high-gear now! My friend introduced me to a group on Facebook where I can buy & sell items with local people...oh man, I want to sell everything in the house! So far I've sold our extra range, recliner (yay, its finally out of your room!), a couple books and other odds and ends laying around the house. I also bought a super cute bouncy seat for you and a couple adorable outfits & a dress from a garage sale that was posted on the group. As soon as some of our bigger stuff sells, Daddy says I should probably get off of it so I don't go crazy...I'd have to agree with him!
We also bought new vinyl flooring for a portion of the basement today, so right now Daddy's working on organizing it and clearing the room so he can put it down eventually. I started helping him, but it's mostly his tools and stuff, so there wasn't too much I could do.
Oh, and how could I forget...Daddy finished painting the front of the house today & it looks amazing!!! No more blue!!! He still wants to add shutters, paint the gutters, add a window and paint the little bit of blue left on the side of the house, but man...what a difference!! The neighbors across the street even thanked us because they were tired of looking at it! :-)

This is when he first started this morning
The top picture is from last July when we first bought the house and
the bottom picture is from today!
We didn't remove the section on the left in the top picture, it's just a different angle.

Monday, June 30 - 33w, 3d
Yesterday, Daddy and I ran a few errands and it was the first time I was uncomfortable in public. My legs were hurting after walking around for a while, it felt like you were going to bust out of my belly and I ended up getting irritable. Today, I'm feeling much better - no leg pain, no belly pain, etc. I'm just glad it went away and very glad that I don't feel that way on a daily basis.

We had your next doctor appointment today and you're finally head down! (Maybe that's why I was so uncomfortable yesterday) Now we'll see if you stay that way....although the doctor said usually babies stay head down once they get there...we'll see about you. Daddy and I wouldn't be surprised with as much as you move. Speaking of movements, you've been going crazy this past week! You are getting so big that I can feel so many more of your movements and we can also see most of them which is very entertaining! You love to throw your body weight around in my belly and sometimes those huge movements feel so weird! Of course you move constantly at home, but as soon as we're doing an ultrasound, you stop. Today it didn't take you as long to show them some of your moves. You also showed off your practice-breathing skills, you were grabbing your feet, moving your mouth, and they showed Daddy your hair. Your heart rate was 163bpm today and they were pleased with that. My weight was 130.0lbs and my blood pressure was "perfect". My blood sugars were a bit high last week, so I paid better attention to what I was eating this week and they were back to normal. Yay!
After our appointment, we went to tour the Birth Center which was really nice. We were able to see a birthing room, a post partum room, the nursery, and just get familiar with where we'll have to go whenever the time comes. It helped put me at easy since I like to know where to go ahead of time, and I'm very glad that Daddy came with, too.

Thursday, July 3 - 33w, 6d
Not too much else to add to this week. I, thankfully, haven't felt as uncomfortable as I did the other day again, so that's been nice, although you're getting huge and definitely running out of room! Now that I know you're head down, it's a little easier to distinguish which body parts I'm feeling when you move around.
We're heading out of town to spend the weekend with Elise and Kyle & the boys, and Linda & Roger and I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait for next summer when we're able to do all of this fun stuff with you, too. We only have a limited number of weekends before you're arrival and it's starting to feel more real as the countdown gets closer and closer! :-)

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