Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kinder Quotes

I work as a teaching assistant with Kindergarteners and I love it! Needless to say, they say the funniest things and make me laugh daily! So, I decided to start writing some of them down to share with you! (Hopefully you'll find them as amusing as I do--you just have to remember these things are coming out of the mouths of little five and six year olds!)

**This week is spirit week for the high school basketball game on Friday. Monday's spirit wear was "Sunday's Best Clothing" and a couple of the boys wore ties and some of the girls wore dresses. One of our super-distractable students wore a mustache! He was wearing a hoodie and cargo pants....and a huge black, curled at the ends, mustache! Apparently that's his idea of fancy...or his parents didn't know he left the house with it.

**We were talking in class about how the students have changed since they were babies, so they were sharing stories about things they did when they were babies:
"This is kind of inappropriate....but I pooped in the bathtub."
"When I was little, I was eating a hot dog and it wasn't cut up. My mom thought I was going to choke and she was terrified!!"
"Can you believe it?! When I was born, then it was only a few weeks before Christmas!!"
"A dinosaur took my pacifier." (The teacher asked her if she meant she lost it, or if maybe it had a dinosaur on it...but she was sure that a dinosaur took it. I guess that's what her parents told her!)

**I teach a small reading group and one of the students was counting something and obviously counted way too many.
I said, "Oh man, you can't count! You need to go back to preschool!"
And another boy replied, "Yeah, he's going old school!"
Another assistant in the room turned around from her computer and looked at me to see if I heard the same thing and we both started cracking up. I asked the student to repeat what he said and he goes, "Well, he can't count, so he should go back to his old school."  (Guess it was too good to be true...)

**Today, one boy asked me, "Are you a mom?" And I told him, "No."
A couple girls looked at me and said, "You're not?!?! Why?? Do you just live all by yourself then??"
I answered them, "No, I live with my husband, we just got married."
The girls still kept asking, "Well, don't you want to have a baby? Why can't you just get one?" I was afraid of where this might head...so I just said,"Yes, I want a baby, and maybe one day I'll have one."

**I mentioned this one in an earlier post, but in case you missed it (it's one of the best so far):
A little girl was going to the bathroom and I was standing in the hall waiting for her and she yelled to me, "There's pee and a big poop in the toilet! It's so cool, I did that!" Luckily for her, there was no one else in the hallway but me!

There are many more to come, I'm sure! I'm so glad to work with these little guys, they think everything is exciting and they make my day so much more fun! :-)

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