Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

"Blizzard 2011", as many people have called it, hit over the past couple days and has given me two days off work. Tuesday at school, in my afternoon Kindergarten class, we had 9 students absent because parents didn't want to send their kids to school in such bad weather. Watching the weather getting progressively worse through the day through the classroom window was kind of scary, but it didn't get bad until over night last night. We ended up releasing the students about 1/2 hour early and it took me about double the time to drive home. Once I got home, I knew I wouldn't be leaving until I had to, haha! Just a little while ago, I learned that we will also be closed tomorrow, too. Just like students, I do like having snow days, but they're definitely not as fun as an adult--I'm bored! I should be productive, working on teaching applications, but I've instead watched some CSI and Dr. Phil and will probably be working on finishing Harry Potter 3 (book) later this evening because Tim's working tonight. Here are some pictures taken from inside our apartment...again, I'm not going out til I have to!
View from my patio door--you can tell how deep it is, especially by the handicap parking sign.

My lovely car (blue one all the way to the left) parked in a great spot with no snow on it! :)

The apartment across the parking lot--the snow was blown to cover almost all the way
to the landing. It took them a long time to clear that up!

Building next to ours--lots of snow piles from the lovely wind.

Huge pile across the street from the snow plows.
Gotta love Illinois weather...(3rd largest snowfall in Illinois history) Oh well, at least the groundhog didn't see his shadow today...early spring! :-)

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