Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, the suspense is over. In the mail on Thursday I got a letter from the middle school I interviewed at saying that they chose someone else for the job. Honestly, I wasn't too upset because I wasn't really getting my hopes up for that position. Then yesterday, I got another letter in the mail from the first place I interviewed at, also saying no. I was pretty annoyed that it took her over two weeks to mail me a letter saying no. She could have at least called like she said she was going to, but hey, there's nothing I can do about it now. I really was hoping to get a position there, considering there were three in the school, but oh well. I am still waiting to hear from the district of my third interview I had this past Tuesday. I am going to keep applying for jobs as much as I can; a few positions were posted in my current district and local districts, so I keep applying for those. If I give up now, I'm definitely not going to get anything, so I just have to keep my head up and try to stay positive. I got some good experience with those interviews, so I am more prepared for future ones.

In other, more exciting news, Tim and I adopted a cat last Monday. His name is Archie and he's almost two years old. We went to the Humane Society, Tails, on Sunday to look with a friend because he wanted a cat, and we ended up finding Archie and loving him! On Monday, Tim bought the litter box, food and water containers and anything else we needed for him before he went to work. After work on Monday, I went back to Tails and picked him up. He's been making himself right at home this week. He loves to look out windows and follow us around everywhere. The first couple days, we were practically stepping on him because he always wanted to go where we were. He's starting to explore on his own and be a little more independent. He's very loving and loves to roll around and be petted. I've never had a cat before, and actually Tim and I are both allergic, but we've been doing fine with him. I think we've built up some immunity being around cats in Tim's family. Here are a couple pictures from the first few nights he was home:
The first few nights we kept him in the bathroom to make sure he used his litter box.
This is where he decided he would sleep - on a shelf above the toilet. He knocked
everything off and made himself comfy!

This really shows his color. He didn't like the camera flash so the rest of the pictures are
kind of dark. He looks fat here, but he's really not. He loves to roll around like this on the floor!

Archie, up close and personal.

Smiling for the camera

Sleeping with Tim on the couch. He loves to sleep on the couch and recliner.

The boys bonding.

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