Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Plans

With today being 90 degrees and sunny, it definitely has me thinking about summer. A week from today is the last day of school where I work, so then it'll officially be summer for me. This summer, it seems like we have a lot of family events going on between graduation parties and birthday parties which will be a lot of fun. Tim and I started making a list of things we want to do, or already have planned, for the summer on the fridge. He is going to a concert this weekend and I'm going to Country Thunder in July. We are going to the Rockford Airfest this Sunday. We used to go to Starved Rock a lot, but we haven't been there in a while, so we'll definitely be making a trip or two there over the summer....hopefully. I added St. Louis to the list for wishful thinking. Tim's sister lives close to St. Louis and we'd love to go down and visit her, but since she recently found out she's pregnant and her husband will be returning from overseas (finally!), we think it might be hard to find some time that works for us, so again...wishful thinking. And the other day, Tim added a cook out to the list. Since we finally are in a house with a yard, it would be really fun to get all of our friends over sometime this summer to grill out and hang out at our house.
On top of all of these wonderful plans and ideas, we'll both be working. Tim will be working full time and hopefully not on weekends (more wishful thinking). I'll be working as a teaching assistant for summer school for the first half of the summer. It's only Monday-Friday from eight to noon for about 4 weeks. This will still give me afternoons, evenings and all weekends off, so I'd really like to find something else to do. I would like to find a part-time job or something that can bring in income, but I honestly have no clue what I could do (suggestions welcomed!).
One of my plans to fill up some of that time is to start exercising. This is where I really need some ideas and suggestions. I am not a runner, so I am planning on riding my bike around the neighborhood maybe a few times a week, or even everyday would be nice. I would really like to do something that I enjoy. I'm not doing it to lose weight or anything, but a person with CF really should exercise to keep their lungs healthy. Raising my heart rate makes me breathe heavier, which in turn, makes me cough (which is a good thing) to get everything out. I also just want to get my body in better shape and to just be healthier overall. I'm looking for any suggestions for fun things that I can do indoors and/or outdoors - maybe mix it up a little bit. I'm all about listening to music while I do it too, because I think that will give it more enjoyment. I don't have much endurance, so whatever I do will have to start off pretty light and easy and hopefully I'll be able to lengthen whatever I'm doing throughout the summer. I'd really love for this summer to be productive for me health-wise since I'm really wanting to get my lung function in tip-top shape. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. It really seems like we're going to have an eventful summer, and I'm very excited to start! :-)

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  1. You should Zumba! I am dying to do it and it looks so fun!!