Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Questions for Tim

For those of you who have voted "yes" on the poll about Tim writing a post (so far there are 8!), can you please leave a comment about some topics you'd be interested in reading from him? I'm sure he's going to say there's nothing to write about so we must leave him with no excuses! :-) Thanks!


  1. Ok! I have plenty of questions. My husband and I went to CF Education night for caregivers and spouses but it was as informative as we were hoping, so now we can forward our questions to TIm :)

    I am wondering how Tim handles when you may be sick or not feeling well and make the decision to stay in instead of going out at night. I always feel bad for my hubby but he is a trooper and doesn't like me to be alone.

    I am always on a huge gain weight plan and unfortunately my husband has gained all the weight since we started dating. Does Tim ever experience extra weight gain, or how does he avoid it?

    I am sure I will think of more! Thanks Tim!

  2. The question my Joe always gets is how did he decide to marry me. Knowing your partner has an illness and what lies ahead, how did that play into his decision. I know my Joe's answer, but it is nice for the spouse's to write about that, because there are many others going thru the decision process when it comes to marrying someone with CF!

  3. A good one is how he lives with CF. Even though he doesn't actually have it, he does live with it now. Also, like Laura mentioned, it would be great for him to give some insight as to how he decided to take it on. Another one would be how he helps to motivate you to stay compliant with your treatments.

    I look forward to reading his blog post! :)