Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today's clinic visit was long, to say the least. My appointment was scheduled at 11am, so I left the house around 8:30 to make sure I left plenty of time in case I hit traffic. It wasn't too bad on the roads, so I got to the hospital around 10 and checked into the clinic around 10:15. I brought along my book, Catching Fire, to keep me busy and got about 120 pages of reading in because I didn't get a room until noon!! Of course, they put me in a room and I didn't see the doctor til at least 12:30. This is very unusual for my clinic, so I tried not to get too upset over it, but I was so tired of waiting and of course, very hungry!
My appointment results kind of followed the same trend: annoying. I'm not very happy with my PFTs this time; my first FEV1 was 2.64L which is about 84%, so down about 4% from last time. Now if you would have asked me yesterday what I thought I was going to get, I would have told you it would probably be about the same as last time, but I guess not. I did the test two more times, and they progressively went down a tiny bit each time which really made me irritated.
When I saw the doctor, she said that I sounded hoarse and that I had a 'throat-clearing cough' that I didn't typically have and asked me if I'd been having a lot of post nasal drip. I thought about it for a second and realized that I have been pretty stuffy and having some sinus pressure the past couple days. Yesterday, in fact, all day at work I had a pretty bad headache, so she thinks that my body's working to fight something off. I also had a slight temperature of 99.1 today, so that reassures me that I might be fighting something.
We decided that I need to increase my treatments as much as possible over the next ten days-two weeks to try to fight off whatever I may be catching. I'm hoping that it doesn't go down into my chest and hopefully just stays in my sinuses. If the increase in treatments doesn't help in the next ten days or so, or if I have an increase in thick, green mucus, then I'm going to give her a call and she'll start me on some antibiotics. Even though my lung function is down a little bit, we've decided to not start me on Kalydeco just yet, but to keep it on the back burner as an option for later.
Also, I've been pretty busy with preparing for Great Strides, working after school and tutoring that I've been kind of slacking on my running routine. I'm really hoping as the weather is warming up I won't have to limit myself to only working out on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the gym, but that I can start running outside after work/tutoring any day. So today wasn't as successful as I had hoped, but I can't get discouraged. I need to rid my body of whatever it's fighting off and keep up my running routine to prepare myself for my first 5K in a few months. :-)

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