Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Finding "The Runner" In Me

I am feeling so much better since my last post. I ended up taking a personal day off on Friday to kind of relax and make sure I got in all of the treatments I needed. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I did four treatments a day - which totally sucked - and I went down to three on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and now I'm back down to two. I know I was supposed to do it for about 10 days, but I can definitely tell that I'm feeling better. My energy is coming back, I have much less post nasal drip (what I do have I think is just from allergies), and I haven't had anymore headaches. I've also stepped up my running thanks to this gorgeous weather we've been having! We've had some record-breaking temperatures this week up into the 70s and possibly even hitting 80 today which is very atypical for the Chicago area in the middle of March - it's usually 40s, 50s, maybe 60s if we're lucky.

This is how I feel it's been this whole week! :-)
It's been awesome having such beautiful weather because it's encouraged me so much more to run outside! I went running Sunday, Wednesday and tonight and I'm thinking I might tomorrow if it's still nice. I also bought adorable new running shoes and added a few pieces to my running wardrobe -- I feel like I'm really becoming a real runner now. :-) I'm planning on signing up tonight or tomorrow for my first 5K which will be on Saturday, June 16, so exactly three months from today! I'm also making Tim run it with me, so I'll have a running partner. I found a route around my neighborhood that's 2.4 miles and I've been trying to run a little bit more of it each time (less walking). Sunday and Wednesday I was able to go a mile straight before walking a little bit, then alternating running and walking the rest of the way. Tonight, I ran 1.67 miles straight before I walked (then alternated). I was so proud of myself that I was able to push myself to go that far! And I find it so funny that it's always my legs that crap out before my lungs do. I've gotten much better at breathing while I run so I'm not so short of breath as I'm running and I can tell that my legs are getting stronger; I just love that fact that my lungs can outlast my legs! I'm hoping that soon enough I'll be able to run my whole 2.4 mile route and then I'll have to add a few more blocks to it to get it up to the three mile (5K) mark. Who would have thought I'd be this into it - I thought for sure it'd be a chore/something I really dislike, but I enjoy the challenge and I love to see myself slowly improving. Yay, me!


  1. Glad you are feeling better and way to go on the running!!!

  2. Way to persever. You'll get to 3.1 miles, just have faith. I am so excited for you. I remember exactly how I felt when I first started to realize I could run (for more than 2 seconds). You rock!!!!