Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday Weekend

We had such a fun and busy 4th of July weekend! We spent Thursday during the day hanging out with all of Tim's family and then that night we enjoyed fireworks together. I have a soft spot for the fourth of July because that was the night that Tim proposed to me, four years ago. :-)

The following day, my 25th birthday, a bunch of us went together to see Despicable Me 2. It was so cute, during the show, our three year old nephew, Cole, would tap us on the shoulder and say, "Tim, Tim,(or Coyeen, Coyeen) shhhhh!" when we weren't even talking, haha. :) That night they also surprised me with a delicious Reese's ice cream cake!

On Saturday, Tim's other sister, her husband & their son came up for the day to visit. We hung out at Tim's dad's house where some went swimming while I was on baby Liam watch. :) Then we visited Tim's mom so she could see all of the boys. Finally, on Sunday, I drove up for my friend Catie's bridal shower while Tim stayed to hang out with his sister, her kids, and his grandma.

When I came back from the bridal shower, we packed up all of our stuff from the weekend, headed out to Tim's dad's house to pick up our kitty, Ozzie (which we finally agreed on the day before we got him) and finally bring him home! He is so adorable and FULL of energy! I've never had a kitten before so this is a totally new experience for me. Archie is being very patient with him and they even were playing together for a little bit today without Archie being totally overbearing -- he means well, he's just super friendly...which is kind of scary to a tiny kitten. It's been an interesting (and exhausting!)
couple of days having him home, but I love it. It's going to be so fun when him and Archie are comfortable with each other because I think they're going to get along very well.

Next on my summer 'to-do' list is my CF clinic appointment which is tomorrow. I'm planning on heading up to stay with my parents this evening to make the drive more bearable tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for a slight increase in my weight and lung function. I've been trying to do my medicine ball workout video a couple times a week and I'm at 131 days of 100% compliance with all of my treatments. I've been feeling good, coughing out a lot of nasty mucus (but not anything more than usual, which is good), so I'm hoping that shows tomorrow. If not, at least I know that I'm feeling well and that's what matters.

And hopefully in the next week or two I'll finally be able to share with you something that I'm totally proud for now though, my lips are sealed. ;) Stay tuned....

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