Saturday, July 27, 2013


Tim and I have had a very exciting weekend! Yesterday morning, we closed on our first home (check that off the list of my goals!)!!! We're super excited to not be renting anymore and we're looking forward to calling something 'our own.' I'm looking forward to not having to move after another year again & that this is more permanent than a year-long lease. After we closed on the home yesterday (which only took about 45
minutes), we loaded up Tim's Mustang onto a trailer that he borrowed from his boss and brought it over to the house. Then we came back and filled the truck & trailer with another large load. Unfortunately, we had to stop there because it was we were exhausted. After a short nap and shower, we treated ourselves to dinner at Red Lobster, yum!
This morning Tim's dad arrived bright and early to help us move a bunch more of our stuff. I'm so glad that he came because he was able to help Tim with all of the appliances and large, heavy things - he was a huge help!!! After two trailers and three truck-loads full, we called it quits for the evening. I'd say we have about 80% of our stuff moved over to the new house now. All that's left here in our rental is all of my treatment equipment, our bed, TV, whatever's left in the pantry and a few odds & ends. We'll be bringing the rest of the stuff over in the morning and spending the rest of the day organizing & unpacking - making it look like a home, not a random collection of furniture! :-) We plan on doing some renovations (hopefully just one room at a time) and adding a carport to the right side of the house this fall. It'll be a work in progress for a while, but it's just cosmetic and to our liking, the house really looks great on the inside right now. It's starting to set in a little more that that's our house now that most of our furniture is in there, but I think it'll set in even more after we spend our first night there, which should be tomorrow night. Yay!!! :-)

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