Thursday, August 15, 2013

Positive Thoughts Thursday: My Job!

Woah, look out! Two "positive thoughts Thursday's" in a row! I've been slacking on the blog posts this week, but I feel like I have a pretty good reason this time around...back to school!

    • I am so thankful to have a job. I am so thankful to have a job that I LOVE, in an awesome building with the best staff! Yesterday was the first day back to school for our students (teachers started Monday) and I am just so happy. I'll admit that Tuesday I was feeling a bit frazzled, I felt like I was starting my first year of teaching all over again because I switched grade levels (and was doubting my abilities), but as soon as that first student walked into my classroom Tuesday night for Open House, it all came back to me so naturally! It made me so happy seeing their excited and apprehensive little faces coming into a school and/or classroom that they didn't know, but then leaving feeling a bit more excited and comfortable about the following day. :-)
    • I received the best compliment, twice, on Open House night and once again yesterday morning at school! On Open House night, I had two parents of students I had in my class last year, express to me how happy/relieved/excited they are for me to be their child's teacher again this year!! *Made me feel so warm & fuzzy inside!* And then yesterday morning, I learned that I have a cousin of a student I had last year, and those parents told the parents of my current student, "Oh you'll love her, she's great!" Best feeling ever!!!
    • And even though I am no longer kindergarten, I've already been keeping an ear out for hilarious things my class will say this year! I'll be calling them "First Grade Funnies". The hardest part is remembering them at the end of the day because I can't (usually) write it down when they say it! But I'll leave you with this one that I thought was cute: One of my little girls was leaving the room and she said, "Bye Mr. Grouper".....not quite, but she tried! :)

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