Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankful November

Each day of November, I'm going to take some time to recognize at least one thing that I'm thankful for - no matter how big or small. I'll then post them at the end of the week. I've been trying to do this weekly with my "Positive Thoughts Thursday" posts, but I thought I'd try daily for the month of November. :)

1) I'm thankful for working in a building with supportive and super-fun coworkers! Today we celebrated that we reduced our number of referrals in October by about 50%! To celebrate this, we decided to do a Fear Factor Game. The students watched as the teachers completed some fun, some disgusting, and some just weird games. I used my toes to take marbles out of an ice cold bucket of water (got out 16 in a minute); cracked an unmarked egg on my forehead (mine was hardboiled, phew!); wrapped one of my students as a mummy with toilet paper (and failed miserably); ate a spoonful of "cat food" (SPAM); and finally dug "worms" out of "dirt" with my teeth (got 7 out of 8 in a minute....and sinuses full of pudding!). Oh, and I used a "lifeline" to have a student eat a spoonful of blended Burger King (fries, a burger, coke, and a Kit-Kat! Gross!! Poor kid spit it out! Haha!). I ended up in third place out of the nine primary teachers! I just love that I'm able to work in such a fun environment everyday! For those of you who don't love your job, you're missing out!!!!

2) Oh man, today's item is hard to choose...I'm going to have to lump it into 'in-laws' today. We had a wonderful day helping Tim's sister's family move. We had lots of laughs and good conversation. I am so lucky and thankful to call them my family, too.

Side note: I also learned how annoying assembling a crib is today! Tim's great aunt Shirley & I assembled, then took apart, then reassembled (to make sure we used ALL the screws that time!) the crib for our youngest nephew, Liam. I now understand why in movies/tv shows/commercials they always show people frustrated over assembling a crib...I get it now!! Haha!

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