Thursday, April 3, 2014

20 Weeks

Friday, March 28 - 20 weeks
We're halfway there little girl, how can that be?! And even better than that....I felt you move last night AND this morning!!!!! Daddy and I (mostly Daddy) were moving furniture in the house so he can sand and refinish the rest of the floors. When I sat down to take a break, I felt little movements really low in my belly. I rested my hand there for a while and definitely felt several more over the next few minutes. So I called Daddy over to see if he could feel, but of course you weren't moving as much and when you did, he said he couldn't feel it. It happened again this morning, in the same spot, so I grabbed Daddy's hand again, but he couldn't feel you still. :( These movements are much stronger to me than I expected, so I thought maybe Daddy could feel them too, but not yet. I'm hoping he'll be able to feel you soon, too!

Wednesday, April 2nd - 20w, 4d
You are moving like crazy in there, little one! It is so cool to feel! The first couple of days I could only feel you when I was laying down and really concentrating. But now I can feel you when I'm sitting, too. I've noticed you the most at work whenever I'm able to sit and relax (which isn't much),  usually during guided reading and after I eat. I still think you're movements are too subtle for Daddy, but I know you'll be getting stronger and bigger and he'll be able to feel you, too. The movements don't feel like "flutters" or kicks, more like round little flipping movements. I can definitely understand how people would get them confused with gas/bloating, especially those who've dealt with a lot of that before. I just love feeling you move and the best is when it comes out of no where. :)

Health-wise I'm feeling great! Tomorrow is my last day on Tobi and my lungs are feeling much better. My mucus production is much less, I'm coughing less during the day, and thankfully not at night anymore. I'm sure part of this is contributed to the Kalydeco, too.

This week we start measuring you from head-to-toe (it was head-to-rump prior) and you're now supposed to be around ten inches long - about the size of a banana. This week you are practicing your swallowing and producing your meconium (which will be your first poop). Mommy didn't pass this when she was born. It was blocked in my intestines which was a huge indicator of my CF, but I'll tell you that story when you're old enough to understand.

Its crazy to think that you'll be here in four months! We can't wait!!! Daddy's trying to keep me out of stores so I don't keep buying you super adorable clothes, haha! I can see how easy its going to be to pick up a thing or two here or there, but I'm really going to try to restrain myself. We have your first shower, my staff shower, at the end of the month and I'm really looking forward to that because then we can slowly start putting your room together. Daddy's working really hard to get lots of projects done before you arrive. Right now we have all of our living room, bedroom and office furniture literally stacked in your room (along with our mattress shoved in the corner) so he can refinish the rest of the floors - they look great so far! Your Daddy is a very hard worker and one of the most creative people I know and I really hope you get that from him!

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