Thursday, April 24, 2014

23 Weeks

Friday, April 18 - 23w
Man, am I hungry!! Over the past couple weeks I have been so hungry and I feel like I've been eating everything in sight. I'm going to try adding back in one Ensure a day (I was trying to give our wallets a rest) at lunch at work to hopefully hold me over better until school's out for the day. I've been finding myself starving just a couple hours after meals, so I feel like I'm constantly eating...which isn't a bad thing when I have to gain weight, but it sure makes us go through food much quicker!

This morning when I sat down to take a break from cleaning the house, you started moving like crazy like you usually do after I've been active. But this time, I could see my belly slightly bouncing around because some of your movements were so strong! It's funny because I was just talking to my friend about that yesterday - telling her how you're always moving so low in my belly that I thought it was going to be a while before you moved up and I started feeling (and see) you higher. I guess you heard me because you were doing exactly that this morning. You also were moving around a lot last night and Daddy was able to feel you several times in a row! :-) The more I feel you, the more it becomes real that there is really a baby growing and moving inside's crazy to think that you'll be out in the world in less than four months!

Sunday, April 20 - 23w, 2d
Happy Easter! This morning you were showing off for Daddy and I doing some gymnastics in my belly! Then, Daddy and I spent the day working our butts off in the living room today (and yesterday). It looks so good, but isn't quite complete yet.

(the stack of flooring is for the kitchen...eventually)
We still need to paint all of the trim and doors white (right now its an ugly off-white color), and do the edges in color, but it's looking great so far. The ceiling also has brand new drywall and paint - no more sparkled popcorn ceiling, yay!
Thursday, April 24 - 23w, 6d
Just got home from a doctors appointment where I met the third MFM doctor on the team and he was wonderful! He was so pleased with how healthy I've been and told me that my sugars look phenomenal! He's letting go down to testing them twice a day now instead of four times which I'm very pleased with. I also now weigh a whopping 126.2lbs which means I've gained 12lbs in the pregnancy so far! Woo hoo! I was able to hear your heartbeat today which was 145-150bpm which is perfect. :) I can't believe that tomorrow I'll be entering my sixth month of pregnancy. Everything about this pregnancy has been great so far and I really hope it continues like this the rest of the time. It has also been going by so quickly, but we are very excited for you to make your appearance in just a few short months. :-)

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  1. I love this update! Glad to hear the doctor was so pleased with your sugars/weight, and you can drop down your testing a bit!! Awesome news!