Thursday, April 10, 2014

21 Weeks

Saturday, April 5 - 21w, 1d
Yesterday you got one of the coolest gifts in the mail! I was expecting my Rock CF shirt to come since I signed up for the 5K that was last weekend and Emily (the CFer in charge) told me she would mail it to me. When I opened it, there was an adorable Rock CF onsie for you! I am so excited for you to wear it!!

Tuesday, April 8 - 21w, 4d
It has been so amazing feeling you move everyday! Each day you get a little bit stronger and your movements get a little harder and more noticeable. Daddy was finally able to feel you last night! I think I was more excited than he was, haha. It's still sometimes hard to believe there's a little person growing and moving inside of me.
We are really looking forward to your big anatomy scan tomorrow! And if you're cooperating, they're going to do a fetal echo, too, to make sure your heart looks healthy. We could be in there for up to two hours, but it'll be so worth it and I'm sure we'll get plenty of pictures. :)

Wednesday, April 9 - 21w, 5d
Today's ultrasound went very well! It took about an hour and a half - about an hour of it was the echo...which, honestly, was pretty boring because we had no idea what we were looking at. The anatomy scan was much more interesting and entertaining. You were putting on a show at times. We saw you yawn, stick out your tongue (several times), bend completely in half with your knee hitting your chin, open & close your hands, wiggle your fingers, and move your right foot each time the tech tried to measure it. You weigh around 15oz, your heart rate was 145bpm and the doctor said you look 'absolutely perfect' and you're growing right on track.
Here you are bent in half - your knee is touching your chin &
the lower part of your leg is above your head!

Side profile

Here's your foot :)

I'm still feeling great and now weigh 122.25lbs, which puts my total weight gain at just over 8 pounds so far which the doctor is happy with. I've also kept my blood sugars at or under 120 for several weeks now which makes me very happy knowing you're in a healthy environment. After my appointment I talked with Dr. Dowell to update her with everything. We decided not to start Cayston right now since I don't seem to need it. We're going to see what the Kalydeco does for me over the next few weeks.

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