Friday, June 27, 2014

32 Weeks

Thursday, June 26 - 32w, 6d
Can't believe I didn't start this week's post earlier in the week, oh well...let's see what I can remember.
  • This weekend was spent with family in St. Louis. Aunt Linda & Uncle Roger came over Friday night, then we rode with them to St. Louis where we met up with Aunt Elise, Uncle Kyle, Cole, Liam, Uncle Kirk, Aunt Lisa, Max & Jake. We went out to lunch, walked to see the Arch, then back to the hotel to cool off before walking to the Cardinals game. It was hot, but it was a lot of fun, especially because they won. The next day we met Aunt Katrina & Isaac for breakfast before heading home.
  • This week I had another high-risk appointment which was uneventful. The doctor said I'm practically low-risk because I haven't had any problems....can't complain about that! I weighed 131lbs, which is a pound down from last week, but they weren't concerned. You fell asleep during the ultrasound! They were trying to get your movements recorded and it took them forever for them to see enough movements because you were apparently sleeping. We also saw you practicing your breathing again, your heartbeat was 139bpm, and the ultrasound tech said you're not bald, she showed me a couple places where you apparently have hair. :) You were still breech and completely squished with your hands, feet and the umbilical cord in front of your face so I only got one 2-D picture of half of your face. The doctor wants me to make it to 39 weeks...I think you're going to run out of room and come early, but we'll see. Maybe that's just because I'm bored out of my mind and am getting so antsy to meet you!
  • This week you've been moving like crazy! Your movements are less noticeable kicks or punches, but more like whole-body rolls and stretches. You've been making my belly morph into very interesting shapes! You like to favor one side of my belly at a time and make it stick out really far and get really hard (I'm assuming it's your head). You also got Daddy laughing at you the other night because you had the hiccups and they were shaking my belly each time, but you were also moving a lot between hiccups, so it was quite entertaining to watch all of that from the outside.
  • Haven't had too many Braxton Hicks this week, either.

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